‘There Was No Bald Cap’: Mark Wahlberg Surprises Wife With Bald Haircut For New Movie

Mark Wahlberg surprised his wife with a partially bald haircut for his new movie Flight Risk, directed by Mel Gibson. He shaved his head daily instead of using a bald cap.

Published on Jun 28, 2024  |  04:12 PM IST |  38.8K
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Mark Wahlberg (Image via IMDb)
Key Highlight
  • Mark Wahlberg shaved his head daily for Flight Risk
  • Wahlberg's family, especially his sons, found his new haircut amusing

Mark Wahlberg, 53, recently amazed his wife, Rhea Durham, with a new look for his most recent movie, Flight Risk. Directed by Mel Gibson, the film required Wahlberg to be partially bald. Instead of using a bald cap, Wahlberg chose to shave it daily. “There was no bald cap,” he told PEOPLE. “I shaved the middle and left the horseshoe around the sides. We just shaved it.”

The indescribable feeling

The actor enjoyed every bit of hiding his new appearance. "Most priceless thing was seeing my wife's face when I took my hat off after getting the hair cut for work that day," he explained. 

He and Durham have been wedded since 2009 and are parents of four: Ella, who is twenty years old; Michael, who is eighteen; Brendan, who is fifteen; and Grace, who is fourteen. He says, “Oh, they're gonna love it. My kids — my boys especially — they loved the haircut. They got a lot of laughs out of that.”

Heavy shooting schedule

Other stars include Michelle Dockery (Good Behavior) and Topher Grace (Spider-Man). The entire film was shot within 22 days so as not to make Wahlberg wear that shaven head look for a long period of time. 

He liked this easier routine than applying makeup or prosthetics each day. As per him, he does not like being in the makeup chair; rather, he likes doing things on his own.


This makes it an unforgettable project with Mark’s passion for his character and support from family members included in it. Flight Risk hits theaters on October 18th.

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Why did Mark Wahlberg shave his head for Flight Risk?
He chose to shave his head daily instead of using a bald cap for a more authentic look.

How did Wahlberg's family react to his haircut?
His family, especially his sons, found the haircut amusing and got a lot of laughs out of it.

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