Thor: Love And Thunder: Natalie Portman teases her superpowers; Christian Bale reaches Australia

Although she cannot reveal many deets, Natalie Portman recently teases her superpowers in Thor: Love and Thunder. Meanwhile, a video showing Christian Bale landing in in Australia has surfaced.
Natalie Portman teases her superpowers in Thor: Love and Thunder Thor: Love And Thunder: Natalie Portman teases her superpowers; Christian Bale reaches Australia
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Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were hoping to catch a few first looks of Thor: Love And Thunder from the film's Aussie sets. But, with the movie's production pushed to January, fans will have to wait a little longer for updates. Nevertheless, Natalie Portman is making up for it by revealing a few details about her superhero character. Speaking on The Kelly Clarkson Show recently, the MCU actress revealed that her Thor's powers could be different from Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder. 

“So, she does have powers. It’s not exactly the same as Thor. It’s her own version of it," she said. The actress also added that her Thor isn't called "Lady Thor." She clarified that she is the "Mighty Thor." The actress is currently in Australia. She landed a few weeks before the filming was delayed. Her new character updates come after it was reported that Christian Bale has touched down in Australia. 

Screen Rant reported that the Dark Knight actor has arrived in Sydney presumably for the filming of his first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. YouTube user KobieThatcher shared a video of Bale making his way out of his flight in Sydney. Check out the video here

The actor's addition was revealed a few months before the pandemic took place. However, Marvel Studios and Taika Waititi have their lips sealed about the actor's role in the fourth Thor movie. At the time of the announcement, a few fans speculated his possible role. Check it out below. 

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Anonymous 6 months ago

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