Throwback Thursday: When Brad Pitt referred to his marriage with Jennifer Aniston as 'dull'

In a throwback interview, Brad Pitt, who had just begun dating Angelina Jolie then, spoke about how his marriage with Jennifer Aniston was "dull". His interview had attracted major backlash for the actor.
Brad Pitt had stated in an interview that his marriage with Jennifer Aniston was "dull".Brad Pitt had stated in an interview that his marriage with Jennifer Aniston was "dull".
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It was in 1998 when a Hollywood power couple arose and became the hottest pair in town. Everyone, who is anyone, was talking about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Then, in 2000, the couple got married during a beautiful and private wedding ceremony. Everything seemed blissful for the married couple but in 2005, Brad and Jen called it quits and headed for a divorce. Simultaneously, Brad and Angelina's affair began on the sets of Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) and post his split, Brangelina became the new power couple.

During an interview with Parade magazine, when Brad had freshly started dating Angelina, Brad referred to his marriage with Jennifer as "dull". He also stated that life for him became more exciting when he met and fell in love with Angelina. He spoke about how the '90s were problematic for the actor and that he used to hide out from the public eye, sitting on his couch and being sick of himself. Brad felt his life was not interesting and that was because of his marriage. Brad stated, "I think that my marriage had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn't."

Brad received major backlash for his comments and he had to retract his words. A statement was then released where Brad stated how loving Jennifer was and that he is still good friends with her. He values their relationship and meant to say that he was the one who was "dull", not Jennifer.

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Meanwhile, over the years, the ex-couple buried the hatchet with Brad recently attending Jennifer's 50th birthday bash in LA.



He looks like he went through hell during his relationship with the home wrecker Angelina Jolie who has put him through hell since their breakup. Glad Jennifer is wonderful enough to forgive him. He was at his best when he was with Jennifer.

Loser,Loser! Great actor but still a Loser in real life.

Loser,Loser! Great actor but still a Loser in real life.

Typical sag

Wow you nailed it. He is A Sag. They are really good at breaking relationships.

Brad is Pisces.

His life is still dull. Lol. People who break relationships for excitement are such losers.

Just like Malaika , who got bored of her husband , and not had a chance to date anyone before getting married

What a loser !!!!

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