Throwback Thursday: When the late Stan Lee hilariously trolled the DC Universe

Check out this hilarious compilation of all the times the late, great Stan Lee trolled the DC Universe. This includes making fun of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Stan Lee was the king of trolling the DC Universe, over the years.Stan Lee was the king of trolling the DC Universe, over the years.
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Stan Lee was a man like no other. The legendary comic book artist is the reason we have superheroes like The Hulk and Spider-Man and it's because of his genius ways, that the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) was born. Over the years, Lee has had special cameos in many Marvel movies and fans used to wait impatiently to catch a glimpse of him. His most recent cameo was in Avengers: Endgame when Tony Stark and Steve Rogers travel back in time to retrieve the space stone.

On November 12, 2018, we had to bid farewell to Stan Lee but still, his legacy lives on, through his beloved superheroes. Remembering him this Throwback Thursday, we couldn't help but remember all the times, Stan would wittingly roast the DC Universe, who are huge competitors of Marvel. We got our hands on a video with a few instances when Stan took DC Universe's case. During one interview, Stan took potshots at the box-office collections of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice exclaiming that the movie would have made more money if he had a cameo in it. Stan also pondered over the fact that when Superman flies, there are no visible means of propulsion and even mocked the Superman pose!

Check out the compilation of Stan Lee roasting DC Universe below:


We adore and miss Stan Lee!

Meanwhile, speaking of Avengers: Endgame, the MCU film is inching close to defeat Avatar (2009) as the most successful movie, ever! Avengers: Endgame has already dethroned Titanic (1997) with Avengers: Endgame at $2.2 billion at the global box-office.


yeah yeah!! alright if it gives them a smile on their face just by hating DC for nothing because of popularity they ve been getting from past 70 years im being honest with when i see these comic book cartoons when i was a kid i adore them ... superman batman cyborg ww shazam all these were with me given me the strength i needed when i got bullied or hated in real life but i cannot compare them with marvel characters becoz thats what they're lacking inspiration.. you can enjoy the movie they're making about 3 hrs but after that it's over but DC characters they're with me they're my inspiration green lantern superman ww these are gods among men.. unlike human marvel characters i can mostly forget after watching movie.. stan lee i respect him as a human and his writings that he made related to humans making them more connected with human emotions really carried into audience but ....but not everyone needs to be same ...right? DC was way ahead in their time they were champions in comics cartoons tv shows what not.. unlike movies well... u cannot show everything that in comics into a 3 hr movie.. that's how DC is being failed recently.. they need to figure that stuff out.. if they do .. i bet they can rule again because trust me ... their characters are far more deeper then anything that marvel comeup with how do i know..? im a comic reader and comic book lover since 1998 thats how i see the things ... i know because im with them they're with me.. green lantern arc alone can be made into 100s of movies a single superhero arc think about that..? that's how vast and deep those stories man... why hate on DC ...? it was my life man ... u like marvel..? ok that's respectful no worries but why hate something for no reason ...? why hate DC man..? i pike marvel for movies at least for now .. their stories, comedy and entertainment, emotions but those cannot replace the DC from my heart it's not only me anybody who read those in 90s kids now matures will do same.. because heros are meant to be powerful strong to be inspired... no need to make them humans ..why..? they're not real then why make them weak ..? why to think them real ..? seriously..? maybe some idiot fanboys and arrogant kids would end up Hating me or cursing me i can care less.. for me superheros ..comics.. it's always DC no Matter how hard marvel tries it is impossible.. marvel made hulk and thor pussies that's big joke.. i don't care bout their characters that's the problem with MARVEL where it looses and DC is always strong in that aspect...

Seriously speaking I'm not a Fan people take this Fan word too lightly or unconsciously Fan word derived from word Fanatic claiming oneself Fan is dishonour to The Real Fans so here is my genuine unbiased opinion, Marvel is for Kids and DC for Adults if you are more of "Who cares" type of person who mostly enjoy Humour Comedy Pranks than you are Marvel Fan and if you are little "Serious in Life" type of person than you are DC Fan, you see Marvel has made there Powerful and Serious type character like Thor Hulk Funny in movies in that way a small Kid also enjoy understand the movie but in DC case there Storyline Dark-theme demands Intelligence Maturity and that's the also reason Marvel perform well at Box Office coz Kids insist there parents for the movie and with the Kids the parents also follow so if you compare Quality Content wise DC is the winner and Popularity Revenue wise Marvel wins the game, so there is loser and winner on both sides, talking about my experience in Marvel I loved only Spiderman but the earlier Mature Grown-up one Tobey Maguire see... there is nothing called Like or Dislike it's up to your Nature and my Natural inclination is towards Logical Sensitive Mature content, Avengers VS Thanos is a Big Blockbuster but frankly speaking I didn't enjoyed, it was just non-stop combat for me and dumping of super heroes one after another in one Big Screen you can clearly notice that in Endgame and Marvel is in 3rd phase whereas DC is in 1st phase and still doing great in box office yeah I hated Green Lantern Storyline not the character, Justice League was made in Rush coz they were victim of Left-Behind from Marvel and there was 2 Director Direction scenario also, but DC has lot to show in future coz they are still in 1st phase, so Conclusion for now Marvel is "Rocking" the Cinema's but Mark my Words DC is going to "Rule" in future. Enjoy!

Yeah DC maybe flawed with its character but I just wanna know how caps round sheild work as a boomerang.and how's physics works sometimes Spiderman sprung web from hand and sometimes from a watch.see comics are for entertainment......a creator should always respect others creation of he's the legend

You will eat your words some day author.... dc will rise again


You think stan lee is a legend. I will tell you who he is. He is a psychopath. DC was renowned for past 70 years what if they couldnt make Man of Steel a block buster ,what if their current films dont earn much, you gotta look over the DC videogames ,TV series, the characters all of them are better than mcu.

I dont think stan lee is a legend if he wont make fun of dc universe he would be a legend he was a hater because he made fun of dc character. He was jelous of dc because he was so overconfident about himself idk how can he say that if he would be in the movie and the people would watch him. I never watch any marvel movie for a camwo of stan lee. There r many people who have done great work than stan lee. I respect others but not stan lee because of his gratitude towars his life.

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