THROWBACK: When Mark Ruffalo gave fitting replies to sexist questions asked to MCU costar Scarlett Johansson

Updated on Nov 23, 2021 02:42 PM IST  |  150.6K
Scarlett Johansson Mark Ruffalo
Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo.

Mark Ruffalo was once asked the type of questions that Scarlett Johansson used to typically receive during press tours of the Avenger movies, especially during Avengers: Age of Ultron promotions. A reporter from Cosmopolitan, however, flipped the questions around as Johansson seemed to "get stuck with the same questions all of the time.”

As Ruffalo agreed upon doing so, he was asked all those "sexist" questions that Johansson would be asked and the latter received all of Rufallo's questions. The reporter asked a series of questions including “Do you have any special poses for the red carpet that you know are going to be so flattering?” and “Did you feel much pressure to slim down, get in shape, go on a diet?” Ruffalo aced his replies and he answered the questions as Johansson jokingly helped him to get the answers right!

However, Johansson, who has played the role of Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff in Marvel's Avengers was asked whether she had to do all the stunts on her own and what was her favourite part of playing the iconic character. The two took the entire segment sportingly which had an underlined message for people asking strikingly different questions to the male and female Avengers which could sometimes prove to be highkey sexist!

It is also worth remembering when in 2012, Robert Downey Jr was asked about his role as Iron Man while Johansson was asked about what diet she follows to play Natasha Romanoff onscreen. As the questions, time and again have been different for Scarlett and her male costars, this interview with Ruffalo proved a major point as the questions regularly asked to Johansson were asked to his male costar Ruffalo (who had his own strong answers to them!) and Johansson was asked questions about the movie, and her role (which any actor should rightly be asked in press conferences.)

For those unversed, Ruffalo and Johansson share their birthday as both were born on November 22. We wish them a very happy birthday!

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