THROWBACK: When Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch and confessed he was hopelessly smitten by Katie Holmes

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Tom Cruise's throwback Oprah interview
When Tom Cruise confessed his love for Katie Holmes on Oprah

In one of Tom Cruise's most memorable interview moments, the actor was captured in a spirited mood during his appearance on Oprah Winfrey's 2005 interview. The actor couldn't hold back his happiness as he jumped on the couch, punched on the floor and paced around showcasing high levels of serotonin before confessing the reason for his uncontrollable happiness. Had the interview been released today, Tom would have been the top trend and meme in no time. 

For those who have missed this internet gem, here's what happened during the iconic interview. After Cruise appeared on the show to a loud cheer and applause from the audience, particularly women screaming their lungs out, the actor was left blushing and soon rather than sitting on the sofa, the actor sat down on the floor, pulled victory laps and later at one point even jumped on the sofa.

Oprah who was to interview Cruise for his then upcoming film War of the Worlds was left stunned looking at Tom's behaviour and quipped, "What has happened to you?" to which a grinning Cruise then exclaimed, "I'm in love." 

It was during this couch-jumping interview that Tom made his relationship with Katie Holmes official after months of speculations about their relationship. The actor confessed his love for her and also showed us how smitten he was with her by pulling off some crazy antics during the interview. 

Check out Tom Cruise's Oprah interview here:

It was later that Oprah further seized the moment for making Cruise's interview the headline-grabber when she suggested him to get Katie on the show, who was at the time backstage. The interview then showed Tom running over inside the studio to bring a hesitant, 26-year-old, Katie out as the duo kissed and made their relationship official on national TV. 

While Katie and Tom tied the knot in Italy and 2006, the couple filed for divorce after six years of marriage in 2012. The duo is parents to daughter Suri Cruise. Considering how things ended up for this couple, looking back at this Tom Cruise interview seems strange now. Yet, years on, it remains to be one of the most iconic moments on Oprah Winfrey's show.

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