Thursday Theories: This disturbing Snow White theory will give you nightmares

Here’s a theory about Disney’s popular animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which will ruin the movie for you and give you nightmares. Check it out.
Hollywood,Snow WhiteThursday Theories: This disturbing Snow White theory will give you nightmares
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There is nothing like a classic Disney movie to take you back to your childhood. Back to the time when you could genuinely believe in pink flying ponies and unicorns. We hoped to someday own a pretty castle and dance around with music always playing in the background. Back then we all hoped to possess ice powers, find a talking pet, or maybe even own a magic paintbrush. The films made us believe in everything that wasn't practically possible and we lived for it all! One such movie is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 

You remember Snow White, right? The story about a beautiful little princess, considered to be “the prettiest of them all,” who gets lost in the forest, thanks to the wicked queen, and ends up making friends with seven insanely cute dwarves. Remember how the jealous queen treacherously feeds the princess a poisoned apple which sends her into a death-like sleep? Well, eventually it all gets better when her internal sleep is broken by a kiss from her prince charming and then they both live happily ever after, right? Well, maybe not.

We are still guilty of going back to this movie just to escape our monotonous routine. But let’s just say, that is about to change now. We have a really disturbing theory about your favourite fairy tale’s ending that will surely ruin your childhood memories about the film and basically give you some sleepless nights. Here’s the thing about Disney movie, there is always a theory out there that can destroy your experience and haunt you forever. This theory about the Snow White’s story suggests that our pretty little princess actually dies in the end. 

A fan theory floating on the internet for quite some time now, will open your eyes to an alternate and much darker interpretation of the film's ending. The theory which was reportedly posted in a Buzzfeed's article comment section stated that the princess never wakes from her eternal sleep and actually dies. And her prince charming, who was basically our imaginary prince charming when we were kids, was not actually the love of her life. The theorist presented a very good reason to prove that it was actually the angel of death. 

And the kiss does not seem as romantic when we call it the kiss of death, does it? According to Matt Morgan, in the beginning of the film, when Snow can be seen carelessly singing around the well, the prince hears hers and she gets a glimpse of him in the well for the first time. Basically, according to Matt, that’s just the princess seeing death for the first time when she almost falls into the wall.

Seeing the Prince, Snow runs inside the castle. While we think it is because she is shy, Matt thinks she runs out of fear. And that's not all, it gets darker! In the last scene of the film, the “prince” rides up to Snow White's coffin on a white horse. And many legends and myths suggest that death always comes on a white horse. 

The prince’s kiss finally wakes her up, right? No, according to Matt, instead of bringing her back to life, the “prince” actually gives her the kiss of death. He basically steals whatever little breath is left in her body and when she wakes up, she is not actually revived. She only gets up to say her last goodbye before riding off with the “prince.” 

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Why destroy innocent fantasy, negative Matt??!

What about those theories of 7 dwarfs with snow white when she was asleep ?

Matt should find a job.

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