Thursday Theories: Rami Malek’s antagonist in No Time To Die is a re imagining of THIS bond classic villain?

This fan theory is suggesting that Rami Malek’s character in No Time To Die is a revamped version a classic Bond villain.
rami malek,Hollywood,No Time To Die,Fan TheoryThursday Theories: Rami Malek’s antagonist in No Time To Die is a re imagining of THIS bond classic villain?
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We can all agree that there is no such thing as too many James Bond films. This is why every time a new bond film arrives, it is met with the same kind of enthusiasm. People just can’t get enough of agent 007 and have been waiting to see him back in action ever since the makers announced No Time To Die. From the announcement, to the first trailer, to the title track by Billie Eilish, everything about the Daniel Craig starrer upcoming film has hogged the headlines.

Although the news of watching Craig reprising the role for the franchise for one last time was enough to make the fans go crazy, they got even more excited after it was announced that Rami Malek will play the antagonist in the film. After the smashing success of Bohemian Rhapsody, which featured Malek as Freddie Mercury, people can’t stop gushing about the actor. While imagining him as a villain can be a little tricky, we are sure that he will do justice to the character.

Ever since makers released the trailer of the much-anticipated film, fans have been trying to decode Malek’s character, Safin. Other than just a glimpse of the character, nothing has been revealed about the villain as of yet and the fans are coming up with theories trying to explain the Safin’s part it the film. And one of the fan theories suggests that the antagonist is just a re-imagining of the popular bong villain, Dr No. The fans had come to this conclusion long before the makers even dropped the trailer.

Last year, the makers treated the fans to the very first poster of Malek’s character. Reacting to the picture, the fans flooded social media and stated that he is playing Dr No’s character in the film. For the unversed, Dr No was the titular villain in the very first Bond film, that came out in 1962. In fact, it was such an important character that the title of the film was named after him -- Dr No. The film featured Sean Connery as Bond and Joseph Wiseman played the role of Julius No, the villain.

The Bond fans, who have followed the franchise form the very beginning, will know that all the villains in these films have a unique trait which eventually becomes the character’s identity. For instance, Blofeld was fond of Persian cats, Goldfinger got turned on by colour of gold and LeChiffre wept blood from his damaged eye. Similarly, Dr No does not have hands. The character lost his hands while experimenting with radiation. In the 1962 film, it was shown that the villain’s replaced with bionic replicas after the accident.

To substantiate their claim the social media users pointed out that in the film’s poster, Safin is the only character whose hands are not visible. In addition to him, the poster also features Craig, Léa Seydoux, Ana de Armas and Ben Whishaw and Lashana Lynch, and you can see every character's hands. “So.... Rami Malek is totally playing Dr. No, right? I mean, look at him,” a fan commented on Malek’s poster from the film. “Before No Time To Die trailer drops I’m predicting the villain that Rami is playing is Dr. No, the final member of Spectre yet to be revealed-considering it’s Craig last bond movie, and Dr. No was the first bond movie, it’d be kinda fitting- like a new/reversed Spectre storyline", another fan wrote.

In addition to this, the fans also stated that the word “No” in the title of the film, No Time To Die, teases the villain in the film. They are convinced that the upcoming movie will be a reboot of the first-ever Bond film. “Starting to wonder if Rami Malek is playing Dr. No in #NoTimeToDie and now I’m just realizing that “No” is in the title and why didn’t I think of this earlier?? Assuming I’m late to the party on this theory,” another fan noted.

Since this is Craig’s last film as detective 007, it also makes sense for the writer to pay tribute to the very first villain who kick-started the franchise which is now celebrated across the world. No Time To Die will be the 25th film of the James Bond franchise. The film was initially scheduled to release in the second week of May. But due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it will now hit the theatres on November 12, 2020.

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This Day That Year
Anonymous 2 months ago

Lea is specta sleeper agent working for dr no

Anonymous 2 months ago

Hmm , while Dr No may have been the film franchise for Bond it was the book Casino Royale that started the Bond experience . And while most all of the book titles and Ian Fleming stories have been used and basic plots have Ben covered in the Bond movies , It seems that sticking to the basic story could have been better covered and served Fleming would be appalled to see that many of the movies have turned his character into an almost cartoonist characterization of the fictional spy . And no Dispite one reference to the contrary , 007 is not a detective . He is an Agent for the fictional 00 branch of MI6 the British Secret Service . (fictional as far as we know at least) In this writers opinion , the Bond movies began going down hill when script writers began messing with plots and story lines of the Origional books .

Anonymous 2 months ago

Bong villian? Sounds like a good time.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Hell yeah. Heard he also has an appearance in Weed for Speed.

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