Tiger King star Joe Exotic transferred to medical facility amid battle with cancer

Updated on Nov 20, 2021 07:47 PM IST  |  137.8K
Joe Exotic is getting treatment
However, it's currently unclear what type of cancer treatments Joe Exotic will undergo.


Joe Exotic is getting treatment. According to TMZ, the 58-year-old Tiger King star has been transported to a medical facility as part of his cancer treatment.

Joe was transported from FMC Fort Worth, TX to FMC Butner in North Carolina on Tuesday, according to federal prison authorities. Butner, according to its website, offers "extensive medical services," including a comprehensive hospital and cancer treatment facilities. However, Joe recently had a biopsy on his prostate, which indicated an "aggressive cancer," as reported by TMZ. Joe declared himself "ready to die" in late July, fearing the disease had progressed to his pelvis and stomach.

Interestingly, The transfer coincides with the release of "Tiger King 2" on Netflix. Joe returns in the new season from behind bars, yearning to be released. However, it's currently unclear what type of cancer treatments he'll undergo. Meanwhile, The former zookeeper, whose official name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is presently serving a 22-year term for a failed murder-for-hire conspiracy to murder Carole Baskin.

Maldonado-Passage has often accused his alleged adversary, Baskin, of killing her first husband, Don Lewis, in 1997, but she has always rejected these allegations. According to The New York Post, in an open letter dated October 27, the famed Tiger King said that he was not searching for sympathy for his situation, but rather to be freed due to his physical condition. After failing to get pardoned by former President Trump in January, he turned to his archenemy, Baskin, for assistance. However, the second season of "Tiger King" is now available on Netflix, and viewers will be able to hear Joe's cry of innocence while being imprisoned.

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