Timothée Chalamet OPENS UP on starring in Dune; Says the film was an ‘honour of a lifetime'

Published on Sep 04, 2021 01:44 AM IST  |  149.6K
Dune will release on October 1
Dune has been slated to release on October 1

Actor Timothée Chalamet has recently opened up on his role in the upcoming movie Dune which, according to him, has been an ‘honour of a lifetime’. Speaking at the Venice Film Festival, via ET Canada, Chalamet expressed his fondness over the movie and said he hopes they get to do ‘a second one’.

Stating that if Dune has a sequel, it would be ‘a dream’ for the entire cast, Chalamet said that the first movie has been nothing short of a ‘dream come true.’ The movie stars Chalamet, along with Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, and Javier Bardem, among others. The stars and director Denis Villeneuve gathered to discuss the movie ahead of its world premiere on October 1.

According to the director Villeneuve, via ET Canada, the movie’s story has become more ‘relevant’ now. “It became more and more a prediction of what would happen in the 21st [century],” he said. “Sadly the book is far more relevant today…I wish it were not the case, but I think the movie will speak more to the world right now more than it would have 40 years ago.”

Later, Chalamet quipped in to open up on the bond that the cast and crew of Dune shared with one another. “We had a strong communication and an ideal relationship,” he revealed. Villeneuve said that he had ‘trust and confidence’ in Chalamet from the beginning of the shoot. “I cried for his ability to interpret the character. I am sure I was not wrong in choosing him,” he said.

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