Today's Final Celebrity Jeopardy (29 November 2023): Who won Quarterfinal 8 of Season 2?

Here are the spoilers for the Final Celebrity Jeopardy of the November 29, 2023, episode. Keep reading to find out which contestants participated and who won the game.

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Today's Final Celebrity Jeopardy (29 November 2023): Who won Quarterfinal 8 of Season 2?
Who won Celebrity Jeopardy on November 29, 2023? (Twitter)

Quarterfinal 8 of season 2 of Celebrity Jeopardy! aired on November 29, 2023, and here's what happened. Heather McMahan, Cedric the Entertainer, and Cynthia Nixon competed against each other to win the game of the new installment. For the unversed, Heather is an actor, Cedric is a comedian, and Cynthia is an actor and director known for featuring in Sex and the City. Continue reading to know the results and answers from the game.

Who won November 29, 2023's game of Celebrity Jeopardy?

Heather McMahan won Celebrity Jeopardy on November 29, 2023, against Cedric and Cynthia. The categories under the first round were This Day In World History; Fairy Tale Elevator Pitches; Candle Culture; Films Turning The Big Four-Oh; Rules Of The Game; and Human Body Classified Ads. While Cynthia gave eleven correct and one wrong answer, Heather gave seven correct and two incorrect responses, and Cedric gave seven correct and zero incorrect answers.

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The first round's score stood with Cynthia at $2,900, Heather at $1,600, and Cedric at $1,400. The categories under the Double Jeopardy! round were This Is Jeo-Purr-Dy!; She Played You; What The Eff?!; Poems About Poetry; Skin Care; and Sesame Street Song Parodies. The score after the round stood with Cynthia at $7,100, Heather at $6,600, and Cedric at $3,200. Cynthia gave 20 correct answers and 2 wrong responses, Heather gave 16 correct answers with 3 incorrect responses, and Cedric gave 10 correct answers with 2 wrong responses.


What was the final question on November 29, 2023's game of Celebrity Jeopardy?

The final question of the November 29, 2023, episode of Celebrity Jeopardy! came under the category Unique Buildings and the clue said, "Despite 17.5 miles of hallways, you can walk anywhere in this Virginia building within about 5 minutes, due to its concentric layout." The answer to the clue was, "What is the Pentagon?" Heather and Cedric responded correctly thus winning $5,000 and $4,100 respectively. Cynthia responded with VA Hospital and lost $11,501.

The final results of the game saw Heather McMahan with $20,600, Cedric the Entertainer with $8,200, and Cynthia Nixon with $8,199. This was the eighth quarterfinal of season 2 of Celebrity Jeopardy. Hosted by Ken Jennings, Celebrity Jeopardy is a spin-off of the award-winning series Jeopardy which is one of the longest-running game shows of all time.

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How many seasons does Celebrity Jeopardy have?
Celebrity Jeopardy has 2 seasons.

Who is the host of Celebrity Jeopardy?
Ken Jennings is the host of Celebrity Jeopardy.

Who created Jeopardy?
Merv Griffin created Jeopardy.

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