Todd Philips REVEALS the disturbing scene they had to cut to keep the R Rating of Joker intact

Todd Phillips talked about a scene that they have to cut to keep Joker’s R-rating unharmed as the scene was highly disturbing despite the levels of ‘Hard-R’ rating.
 Todd Phillips’ Joker is the highest-grossing R-rated film ever Todd Phillips’ Joker is the highest-grossing R-rated film ever
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Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have created a masterpiece in the name of ‘Joker’. Despite being one of DC’s darkest films ever, it is one of the best films ever produced. Now, something astonishing has been revealed by Phillips during his recent visit to SBIFF Cinema Society.


The director talked about the decisions behind those deleted scenes that has caught a lot of attention in recent weeks. After talking about them, he revealed that they shot a disturbing bathtub scene that was just too much even for an R-rated film. Phillips said, “So the other thing that’s great about Joaquin is that he’s always up to try things. So, we would finish our days early sometimes and we started doing this thing, Joaquin and I, we called it a study of insomnia. It was our own fun little thing, like ‘We have an hour left in the day, let’s light this kitchen, Joaquin let’s do something over by the sink or the fridge, and let’s just set up two cameras.’ Larry Sher would operate one, Jeff Groth would operate the other, and we would do these things — the fridge was one of those. It wasn’t in the script it was something that Joaquin just kind of did.”




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Phillips explained that these sudden and unplanned scenes were all created by Phoenix on the set. Then, he talked about other scenes including the bathtub one that was way too sick for this film. Phillips continued, “There were a few others, there’s only one other that’s in the movie and it’s when he’s laughing after he goes to Sophie’s apartment and he comes back down the hall and he’s laughing alone in that living room, that was another one… There were two or three others we shot, one that is amazing in a bathtub, but I don’t think we can include it in an R-rated movie and it’s not because it was pornographic, it was just insane.”


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Well, hearing all of this from Phillips has simply ignited a fire of curiosity in our minds and hearts. Now, we hope that these scenes get into the home video format of this film so that we can witness that insanity of Joaquin Phoenix as Joker. Stay tuned for more shocking revelations like this.

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