Tom Hiddleston on Loki's incredible fanbase: People are drawn to his vulnerability underneath layers of charm

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Loki premiered today, i.e. June 9
Tom Hiddleston also revealed what he hopes the audience will take away from Loki's extended story and growth on the Disney+ series.

Loki Wednesdays are here and we couldn't be more excited! The highly-anticipated series, which premiered today, i.e. June 9, on Disney+Hotstar Premium, sees Tom Hiddleston reprise his beloved MCU character, the God of Mischief, with a near-scratch outlook in an alternative timeline (where he doesn't tragically die at the hands of Thanos!). Also making their MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) debuts in Loki are Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Renslayer and Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15.

Pinkvilla was given the humble opportunity to attend Loki's virtual Global Press Conference just a few days before the first episode dropped as Tom, Owen, Gugu and Ravonna along with Loki director Kate Herron, Loki head writer Michael Waldron and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke candidly about the six-part series. As Loki is a misunderstood MCU villain, Tom was quizzed what he hopes the audience will take away from the God of Mischief's extended story and growth on the show.

"That's a great question. What I love about the series is Loki is stripped of everything that's familiar to him. Thor is not close by. Asgard seems some distance away. The Avengers, for the time being, aren't in sight. He's stripped of his status and his power.  And if you take all those things that Loki has used to identify himself over the last six movies, what remains of Loki? Who is he within or outside all of those things? And those questions became, for all of us, really fascinating to ask. What makes Loki, Loki? And if there is something authentic or something that at the center of him, can-is he capable of growth? Is he capable of change? And is he-do his experiences within the TVA (Time Variance Authority) give him any insight into who he might be? This mercurial shapeshifter who never presents the same exterior twice. Yeah, I thought-hope the audience get a kick out of where we take it," Hiddleston teased.

The 40-year-old actor was further asked if there is an extra sense of gravity in playing Loki, now that the character is one of the longest-tenured in the MCU and how did that impact his performance in Loki. To this, Tom confessed, "I just love playing the character. And I always have. And I'm-I feel so fortunate that I'm still here and that there are still new aspects to the character every time that I learn about. He's a character of huge range. And so it never feels like the same experience. And particularly this time around. I mean, I was surrounded by these amazing people, truly. It's not something that is lost on me. It is-all my conversations with Kevin and Kate and Michael and my interactions with Owen and Gugu and Wunmi, we just had a really good time," before quipping, "And because of Loki's complexity maybe that's-every time he's in a new dynamics, new stuff emerges. Yeah, I'm just amazed, like this is a comedy? [chuckles] Loki will be quite surprised by that. [laughs] Anyway." When the press conference's MC joked, "You've played heavier keys too," Hiddleston quipped, "Yeah, no-no I'm kidding, I'm kidding."

Given Loki's loyal fans, who are partly responsible for Loki, the series' existence, due to their undying love and adoration for the chaotically vulnerable MCU character, Tom was quizzed on what has surprised him most about Loki's incredible fanbase. To this, Hiddleston humbly replied, "I am-there's no question that the reason I am allowed to continue to play him is because he clearly means so much to so many people and for so many different reasons. And that is incredibly gratifying for me. And I see that as a big honour. And over time, I've been made aware of the different things that he represents for people," before adding, "Some people enjoy his playfulness and his spontaneity and that inherent sense of mischief that he has. Some people enjoy his kind of quality as an antagonist. Some people probably can't stand him. I don't know. [laughs] But I know there are some people who are drawn to his vulnerability underneath all those layers of charm and charisma and playfulness is a kind of vulnerability, I suppose."

"A sense of, I don't know, some very relatable human thing about being vulnerable. And I owe that to the writers actually. I owe that to everybody who's ever written this character. Everyone who's written the character in the comic books. Obviously starting with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, going all the way through J. Michael Straczynski up to Daniel Kibblesmith. I owe it to Don Payne, who wrote the first Thor movie, did the most extraordinary job, made Loki a character with such pathos. And from Don all the way to Michael and his amazing team, Eric Martin and Bisha K. Ali and Elissa Karasik and Tom Coffin, all those guys who put their heads together to think about this character. So yeah, I just feel it's a huge honour," Tom concluded.

We can't wait to witness what Tom Hiddleston has in store for MCU fans in and as Loki!

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