Tom Holland revealed he once mistook a stunt double for Robert Downey Jr.

Revisit the time when Tom Holland opened up about his Spider-Man screen test

Published on Nov 20, 2023   |  11:47 AM IST  |  48.3K
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Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr., the dynamic duo from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, share a close bond both on and off-screen. Known for their roles as Spider-Man and Iron Man, respectively, the actors have forged a genuine friendship that extends beyond the superhero realm. Their camaraderie is evident in interviews, social media posts, and public appearances, showcasing a mentor-mentee relationship that evolved into a strong friendship.

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Tom Holland mistook a stunt double for Robert Downey Jr.

Back in 2017, when Spider-Man was much in play, Tom Holland got candid about accidentally chatting up with Robert Downey Jr. 's stunt double instead of the real him during a Spider-Man screen test on Late Night with Seth Meyers. When the host questioned Holland on the screen test, the actor divulged the details of what exactly happened. He said, “I was in Atlanta for my first screen test, and they told us 25 minutes before that Robert was gonna come along and do the audition. Literally on the cue helicopter flew down and Robert got out, and came for his audition.”

He continued, “So I go into this room to do the audition and I see Robert Downey Jr. I go up to him, I shake his hands, ‘Nice to meet you’, and I’m starting to panic. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, Robert Downey Jr.’”, as the audience burst into laughter.


“I’m looking him in the face and there was something different about you, in person. Do they do something to your face for the camera, you don’t look the same. And then Robert walked in and I realized I’d been talking to his stunt double the whole time. So I got up my nervous jittery stuff out of the way with Glen and then met Robert afterward,” Holland concluded.

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Tom Holland on dance classes

During the conversation, Meyers questioned Holland on his dance moves and asked if he took “dance lessons when he was a kid.” Holland said, “Yeah, that’s my mum. I have to give credit to my mum for everything. It was Janet Jackson’s song when I was a baby that I was just obsessed with. And she was like, ‘Oh, my kid can dance’, and then she sent me into a Saturday school’. So I used to go to this school, ‘Nifty Feet’, which was so uncool.”

He concluded, “So I went every Saturday and I got spotted at one of the shows we do every year to audition for Billy. I was told I was too small but to keep training, two years later, I was training every day and I eventually got the part and here I am today.”

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