Travis Kelce's Alice In Wonderland Confession Sparks Laughter And Speculation; KNOW More About This

Travis Kelce humorously revealed on his podcast that he thought the main character in Alice in Wonderland was named Alison Wonderland, sparking laughter and speculation about Taylor Swift's influence.

Published on Jun 27, 2024  |  11:29 PM IST |  30.2K
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Travis Kelce (Image via Instagram)
Key Highlight
  • Travis Kelce admitted he thought Alice in Wonderland was Alison Wonderland
  • The revelation occurred during a podcast episode recorded in London

Travis Kelce shared a bombshell with the fans of the New Heights podcast and fans of Taylor Swift. He admitted that he learned only recently that the main character in Alice in Wonderland is not named Alison Wonderland. Consequently, this confession quickly caught the attention of Taylor Swift’s fans called Swifties.

The influence of Taylor Swift

Kelce’s slip-up suggested to many that his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, had something to do with it. Speculation about their conversation built on social media among those who love her music. 

This is how it could have gone down: a fan wrote, “Travis: Baby, you have the same name of that girl who follows a rabbit and falls in a hole to another world. Taylor: Are you talking about … Alice? Travis: No no no, Alison. Alison Wonderland.” 

Another said, “if Travis found out it’s Alice and not Alison In Wonderland then there is only one explanation for it.” Some speculated that this was connected to them discussing a movie related to her song Wonderland released in 2014. What happened remained unclear but many swifties lauded Kelse for being himself.

Sibling humor and British adventures

He told Jason about this while they were drinking tea during their recording session on their podcast. They jokingly compared themselves to Tweedledee and Tweedledum from the 1951 animated film. 


“I … found out over the summer that it’s Alice in Wonderland, not Alison Wonderland,” Travis revealed calmly. They both laughed at him after which Jason reminded him if they had watched that movie before; they ought to have known better.

The Kelce brothers recorded this episode when they were in London visiting Swift’s Eras Tour show there. At some point during their discussion, however, they talked about meeting Prince William backstage along with his children, referring to the prince as “coolest motherf–ker.”

These funny misunderstandings and cute interactions between these two delighted fans with just how playful they are with one another.

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Why did Travis Kelce think it was Alison Wonderland?
He misunderstood the name and only recently learned the correct one, possibly influenced by Taylor Swift.

Where did Travis Kelce share his Alice in Wonderland mix-up?
He shared it on the New Heights podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce.

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