Twilight's Twitter bio has a BTS reference as Jin mentions Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson's film on Run BTS

Updated on Jun 30, 2021 09:26 AM IST  |  485K
In Run BTS Ep 143, Jin hilariously picked Twilight as "a fairytale involving wolves."

Over the years, BTS ARMY has joked about how they believe BTS member Jin is a vampire; whether it be his evergreen 'worldwide handsome' looks or being allergic to garlic. Now, adding more fuel to the fire, thanks to Run BTS Ep 143, the beloved franchise Twilight, starring Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black and which features vampires and werewolves, has proven itself to be a part of BTS ARMY, especially with Jin as their bias.

For the unversed, last week's Run BTS episode saw Jin with his BTS bandmates RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook (sans Suga who was recovering from a shoulder injury at the time of shoot) writing and illustrating their own children's book. Before they commenced the fun activity, the Bangtan Boys had to answer some trivia questions, one of which was: "What are some fairytales involving wolves." Jin was the first one to answer as the eldest BTS member quipped, "Twilight."

As 'Jin' and 'Twilight' unsurprisingly became trending topics on Twitter, thanks to ARMY's discussion, the beloved franchise's official Twitter handle - The Twilight Saga - had some fun as they changed their bio to: "the official twitter account of that fairytale involving wolves." That's not all! They also replied to a few ARMY tweets, one of whom tweeted the video snippet Jin's witty Twilight answer in Run BTS Ep 143. Sharing a GIF of Jin, where the 29-year-old singer has quipped, "Maybe I was a vampire in my previous life," Twilight's Twitter account replied, "omg jin thinks about us." Lionsgate's official Twitter account also got in on the fun as the production house shared a Jin meme, from when he studied in Australia. As a young Jin is seen sitting inside a train, the words "Interesting, very interesting" surrounds him.

One confused ARMY member questioned, "did you guys just change your bio after Jin said that Twilight is a fairytale involving wolves?," to which Twilight's Twitter account proudly replied, "yes, yes we did." When a fellow ARMY member tweeted, "If you think about it... Jin is allergic to garlic, never ages, his body temperature is below normal, he glows in the sun like a diamond, and he thinks about @Twilight," Twilight's Twitter account replied with an eyebrow raised emoji. In another ARMY member tweet detailing how Twilight changed their Twitter profile description, Twilight's Twitter account joked, "only thing missing is a 7 from my name"

Check out Twilight and Lionsgate's hilarious tweets as they go gaga over BTS member Jin below:

We can't blame them for falling in love with Jin! Excuse us while we scream in utter delight over this epic BTSxTwilight crossover and envision Kim Seokjin as Edward Cullen!

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What did you think of Jin's funny Twilight reference in Run BTS 143? Would you like to see Jin make his acting debut in a movie or drama? Share your honest, personal thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.


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