Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Reflects On Dark Moments Faced By Band In Past: '’I Was Mad At The World'

Dee Snider may have impressed the world, but with his bandmates, he had a tough period from which he had to recover.

Published on Jun 24, 2024  |  11:57 AM IST |  31.1K
Dee Snider about getting over his anger
Dee Snider (Getty)

A lot about Dee Snider has been covered in the recently emerged A&E Biography’s Rock Legends. While speaking about his days of entering success, the frontman of Twisted Sister also reflected on the troubled days he had and how he overtook them. 

The man who got us the very anthem We’re Not Gonna Take It shared a lot about a big transition period that helped him get over a lot of issues and also got him back together with his band members of one of the most legendary rock and roll—glam metal to be precise—groups.

Dee Snider talks about his dark moments

Ahead of the premiere of the aforementioned biographical video, the legend himself had opened up about a lot of things from his past during an interview.  While talking about how “manicly driven” he was and the anger that he developed because of the rejections, Dee Snider also detailed his rejuvenating journey. 

The I Wanna Rock singer stated to TV Insider that at one point he was awful to his bandmates and that he was angry and a miserable person, as he thought the world was against him.

“I was mad at the world,” he added while stating that when he got a chance to shine with lyrics and band, he carried the anger, now being mad at not getting a chance sooner. 

However, Snider then mentioned that he lost everything and got humbled. That pushed him into a period of realization. During the worst period in American history, the band reunited together, not for the money but “to help as New Yorkers.”


Dee Snider talks about leaving hatred behind

After 9/11, once the band got together again, the Become the Strom singer mentioned that sooner or later everyone got over their hatred, especially Dee Snider, who had overcome his resentment towards the group members. 

Another reason that Dee Snider had mentioned during his interview to get back together with the band was that he wanted to show his mates from the biggest glam metal act that he had “grown up and matured.”

He also stressed in the interview that he had asked the members of Twisted Sister to be frank and honest, when they opened up, as he already knew he was not a nice guy. 

While detailing how he had worked hard to get his life together and become a better person, Dee Snider also mentioned his wife Suzette who had helped him get over all of his anger and to the stage in his life he is at.


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When was Twisted Sister formed?
Twisted Sister was formed in 1972.

What genre does Twisted Sister belong to?
Twister Sister belongs to Glam Metal.

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