Ukraine's culture minister CALLS OUT show Emily in Paris for 'offensive' portrayal of Ukrainians

Updated on Jan 05, 2022 07:08 PM IST  |  202.3K
Ukraine's culture minister CALLS OUT
This isn't the first time "Emily in Paris" has been slammed


The portrayal of a Ukrainian character in the Netflix series "Emily in Paris" has been deemed "offensive" by Ukraine's Minister of Culture. Ukraine's Minister of Culture, Oleksandr Tkachenko, has filed a complaint with Netflix about the show's stereotyping, calling it 'unacceptable.'

The second season of the sitcom stars Ukrainian actress Daria Panchenko as Kyiv native Petra, an illiterate robber with bad fashion sense. However, the addition to the cast has not gone down well with Ukrainians, who, according to Mr Tkachenko, find the stereotypes insulting. "In the 1990s and 2000s, Ukrainian guys were portrayed mainly as gangsters,' he said as per Daily Mail. 'Over time this has changed. However, not in this case. In Emily in Paris, we have a caricature of a Ukrainian woman which is unacceptable. It is also offensive. Is this how Ukrainians will be seen abroad? Who steal, want to get everything for free, be afraid of deportation? This should not be so."

His remarks have been backed up by Ukrainian influencer Eugenie Hawrylko, who has questioned if there is “still a place for such ignorant and intolerance" in the twenty-first century. Researcher Olga Matveieva added: "Nationality-based stereotyping not only provokes disbalance but maintains aggressions. Let's make peace, not offensive jokes." Mr Tkachenko expressed his concerns to Netflix, which he claims has promised to keep in "close contact" with him in order to avoid future instances of stereotyping in the show.

This isn't the first time "Emily in Paris," starring Lily Collins as an American living and working in Paris, has been slammed for its stereotypical representation of characters. The French were outraged by the first season's depiction of Paris and its inhabitants. 

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