V getting emotional over J Hope's kind words to Suga's Grammys goal: Best Moments from BTS Dynamite Conference

During BTS Online Global Media Day to celebrate BTS debuting at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 with Dynamite, there were several moments that ARMY couldn't get over like J-Hope's emotional acknowledgement of how much he loves his bandmates.
V getting emotional over J Hope's kind words to Suga's Grammys goal: Best Moments from BTS Dynamite ConferenceV getting emotional over J Hope's kind words to Suga's Grammys goal: Best Moments from BTS Dynamite Conference
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It was indeed a day of celebration, joy and love between BTS, ARMY and the press as the septet hosted an online global media day to commemorate Dynamite debuting at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100. While the kings rewrote history, they were their humble selves addressing the media, including Pinkvilla, and spoke candidly about their emotional reaction to the good news. Jimin revealed that BTS went berserk over the achievement, crying happy tears because they were so overwhelmed.

While J-Hope shared that they were excited about the fact that their sincerity could reach out and resonate with people, he also noted that ARMY's support allowed today's BTS and J-Hope to become who they are. RM shared that he was the first to know about their chart-topping achievement and went off to sleep early because he wanted to preserve his emotions while Jungkook gushed that he got the best present ever on his birthday. Jin quipped how Namjoon posted the Billboard Hot 100 chart on BTS' group chat minutes before the actual announcement and thought it was photoshopped. Mr. Worldwide Handsome also added that BTS and ARMY worked together to achieve such a big dream.

Since Suga grew up listening to songs from Billboard Charts, he had to pinch himself upon hearing the big news. V went down memory lane and recounted how he came to Seoul for the first time during his trainee days with his dad and was scammed by the taxi driver which got him angry and his father had to calm him down. However, now Taehyung looks back at the past difficulties as pleasant and sweet memories and that amplifies the joy he has now. TaeTae feels like he received a certificate which makes him very happy. Putting aside any worries and concerns, the 24-year-old singer just wants to laugh it out. While recalling when they first charted on Billboard 200 in 2015, Hobi confessed that they were in disbelief while being shocked and in awe. Jungkook stated that BTS wanted to "reach for even more heights, and that's when we got even more driven and we were able to reach higher."

When Yoongi, whose goal predictions are coming true one by one was asked about BTS' next goal, the 27-year-old rapper admitted with a smile that he needs to be careful when it comes to these goals and that he's happy about topping the Billboard Hot 100 with Dynamite. Besides leaving people energised with their music, Suga added that he wants BTS to have a solo performance on Grammys stage. While winning a Grammy takes a lot of work, Yoongi shared that performing at the Grammys is the current goal.

Check out the memorable quotes from BTS Online Global Media Day for Dynamite's historic achievement below:

The BTS members proceeded to read heartwarming messages from the press as Jungkook thanked a journalist for following their career for many years while looking forward to what more they have to offer and that it's because of people like them that BTS can exist. When Jimin was asked about his tweets revealing how he cried over the Billboard news, ChimChim recalled that he was with Jungkook and was emotional for several hours while telling their Bangtan leader that it was because of him that they were able to achieve such a feat. His first reaction to seeing the news was wanting to perform and meet ARMY.

Moreover, RM shared that it was the language, disco-pop vibe and simplicity in the message that was the factors which got through people, including the general public, with Dynamite. Jungkook and Jimin spoke about the now-viral Noh Hong-chul gestures in Dynamite B-side MV and how it was shot during rehearsal time and not as the main shot. They were surprised that the cut made it to the music video as it was more of a joke during rehearsal roll.

When it came to what message they would send to themselves from seven years ago, J-Hope won hearts when he was all praises for his members. While sharing how he'd tell Hobi that his efforts did not betray him, the 26-year-old singer added, "All the members are really precious to me. They have become a major reason for my life and my existence. I want to thank the members for being with me for seven years. I ask them to be with me for the rest of my life. I'd like to take this opportunity to say I love you to the other members." The members, in turn, were touched as they said, "J-Hoooope."

On what ARMY means to him, Jin gushed that BTS exists because of ARMY and that they want to share good news with them first and hide the sad news from them as well. When Suga revealed that the members have been working out more as a hobby, J-Hope quipped, "Namjoon has been working out his arms, I was shocked when I saw them," to which Jimin and Jungkook started feeling Namjoon's bicep as he joked, "I am dying of muscle pain."

Check out photos from BTS Online Global Media Day for Dynamite's historic achievement below:

While RM shared, "I would like to remember 2020 a year we tried our best," Jimin proved he was a literal angel when he confessed BTS' goal was to help heal people who were affected by COVID-19 to the best of their abilities. Namjoon would love to win a Grammy, but he also wants to put on a concert, like a festival to bring everyone together though it's unrealistic as of now due to the pandemic. However, with their new album, whether it is online or offline, he wants to put another concert and "check it up."

V confessed that he teared up with J-Hope's kind words to BTS and shared that their VMAs 2020 Dynamite performance on was a dream come true as they would follow these award ceremonies wondering if they would ever be a part of it. "Thinking that we have touched ARMY members is something I would like to applaud ourselves for. It's a memory that will be seared within us for the rest of our lives."

During their parting words, Jimin shared with a grin, "We really like our song this time but we also like our next song. So we hope you look forward to it," while J-Hope added, "I hope you stay well. Wear masks. Fighting." The boys bowed while Hobi wiggled around.

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An achievement that was worthy of a celebration for BTS!

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