The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev shares her self care tips during COVID 19: I am meditating and painting

The Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev shared her self care tips during the Coronavirus lockdown. Read on to know more.
nina dobrev,The Vampire Diaries,Hollywood,COVID 19The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev shares her self care tips during COVID 19: I am meditating and painting

While social distancing is keeping us away from the deadly coronavirus, self-isolation is leading to a lot of stress and is taking a toll on people’s mental health. We are all trying to come up with our routine to keep us engaged and active while we stay at home all day every day trying to avoid contracting the virus. As people struggle to stay sane during the lockdown, celebrities are sharing tips and tricks they have added to their daily routine in order to keep their mental health in check.

Nina Dobrev, during an interaction with Vogue, shared her self-care tips with her fans and revealed that she is doing a lot of things to stay productive during the quarantine. The Vampire Diaries star mentioned that since she can’t go out, she is spending a lot of time in her backyard. She is also meditating and reading a lot of books to pass her time. She said she always wanted to get into meditation and could never make out time for it. But now that she is not following a hectic work schedule, she has all the time to add new activities to her life.

“During quarantine, I started doing a quick 15-minute meditation every morning, first thing when I wake up. It’s changed everything, and has really helped set the tone for my day,” she said. Nina stated that meditation is helping her get over her anxiety and stress during this extremely uncertain time. “It’s been a game-changer for my mental wellbeing. I get it now, and I’m happy drinking the meditation Kool-Aid,” she added. Globally, more than 4.34 million people have been infected by the virus and about 296,000 have lost their lives. According to Johns Hopkins University, around 1.6 million people have recovered.

Just like all of us, the 31-year-old actress has picked up a new hobby while social distancing. Nina revealed that she has been taking photography lessons online. “I’ve had a beautiful big Canon camera for over 15 years that I didn’t know how to work. I started taking a photography course online to teach me what all the buttons that used to intimidate me mean,” she said. The actress also mentioned that she loves taking Polaroid photos and keep them as memories.

She has taken a lot of pictures in the last 10 years but has not got time to organise them. She is spending time going through the photographs and organise them in a scrapbook. “I scrapbooked some, and I put magnets on the others to hang on a big magnetic wall I have in my house to create a memory collage,” she added. She stated that arranging those pictures has been therapeutic and it also makes her feel connected to friends and remind her of the good times.

Nina also revealed that she has been spending a lot of time outdoors while following the social distancing rules. “I’ve driving to secluded mountains, and going on hikes to not only get a reprieve from being inside but also to exercise and get vitamin D,” she said. Since she has been learning photography online, the actress said she likes to step outside to put her newfound passion to the test. She stated that it has been fun learning new things.

Keeping things real, the actress mentioned that since she does not have to worry about work, she is spending a lot of time sleeping. Nina stated that even though she has always believed that taking proper rest is the best beauty tip out there, she could never practice what she preached because of her busy schedule. But now that she is sleeping properly, she has felt the result on her skin. “Over the past two months I can proudly say I finally listened to my own advice. And my skin has never been clearer,” she added.

Nina is also spending time painting her house. She stated that instead of waiting for the world to get back on track so that she could hire people to paint her house, the actress decided to do it herself. She also mentioned that she is also taking care of her skin. She has been using sheet masks every day to keep her skin hydrated. “My face has started to feel like a baby’s bottom,” he said. The actress who has always sported a black hairdo recently dyed her hair purple. She even flaunted her hair makeover on social media.

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