VIDEO: BTS' Happy Chuseok Greeting sees V wishing for an alien and having an adorable scuffle with Jungkook

BTS members took turns to make a wish for Chuseok and as V wished for an alien, Taehyung also had a cute scuffle with Jungkook.
VIDEO: BTS' Happy Chuseok Greeting sees V wishing for an alien and having an adorable scuffle with Jungkook
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Dressed in fashionable hanboks, BTS treated BTS ARMY with an adorable Happy Chuseok Greeting while talking fondly about the beloved Korean festival, which is equivalent to Korea's Thanksgiving. Jungkook also won hearts by saying that he thinks of ARMY when asked what Chuseok brings to his mind. "The season when the sky is high and the horses are plump. That's the season of Chuseok," RM explains getting a "Woah" reaction from his bandmates.

With V holding the full moon, the members start to make a wish beginning with J-Hope sharing, "I wish good health for everyone living around the world and to be able to meet ARMY as soon as possible. That's my wish." Jimin reiterated Hobi's wish and added, "I pray that our members, who are always in the hearts and minds of ARMY stay healthy and happy, always." The members joked that all the wishes have already been used up. Making J-Hope and ChimChim laugh out loud, Namjoon continued, "All family, friends and relatives of the members, anyone whose lives we even fairly touched. I wish for their health and peace."

When Hobi noted that Taehyung would be the last one to go, TaeTae gave the moon to Baby Mochi but Jungkook had an adorable scuffle with his hyung before getting his way and making a wish instead. "I wish that all the wishes of the members come true," Kookie quipped making everyone laugh. V came before Jin but was unable to think of anything so Jin continued instead saying, "I hope everyone, family, ARMY and living beings... Pets! All living organisms including every little insect (The Golden Maknae joked, "But not the pests!")... Every animal and insect except the harmful kind. May they all be happy."

When Taehyung's turn finally came, the Sweet Night singer quipped, "Here's wishing there are aliens..." before cutely walking away. Suga concluded, "I wish COVID-19 will come to an end soon and I wish we can go on tour with ARMY very soon. TaeTae stood in front of Suga and joked, "Ding!" The members then proceeded to hold the moon together in order to make their wishes come true and Jungkook told them to close their eyes while keeping his stark open looking at the camera with a goofy expression.

As the Bangtan boys screamed, "Come true," the moon turned purple getting a happy reaction from the members. "Your wishes shall come true," Joonie proclaimed. "I wonder how you'll be spending your own Chuseok. I hope you can spend it peaceful and happy. I hope all our wishes and all your wishes come true this holiday season. Should we wrap it up with a goodbye? Happy Chuseok, everyone," RM concluded as the members bid a fond farewell.

Check out BTS' Happy Chuseok Greeting 2020 below:

Like we needed another reason to stan these beautiful boys!

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Happy Chuseok to the ones celebrating!

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