VIDEO: BTS member Jungkook proudly states he will call RM as Rapmon hyung for eternity

Updated on Aug 14, 2020 08:07 PM IST  |  8.2M
Jungkook has always referred to Namjoon as Rapmon hyung even after the Bangtan leader changed his stage name to RM.
Jungkook has always referred to Namjoon as Rapmon hyung even after the Bangtan leader changed his stage name to RM.

While 2020 has been an incredible year for BTS and promises to be an even better one in the second half, 2019 was also a monumental time for the septet. Hence, we got BTS Memories of 2019, which is jam-packed with behind-the-scenes videos from song shoots, photoshoots, backstage at concerts and so forth. ARMY has been going gaga over the little moments shared between the members as we see how their bond grows stronger with each passing year.

There was one particular moment, while backstage at the catering room, which struck a chord in many. In the clipping, which was shared by fellow ARMY member @kookpics, we see RM, J-Hope and Jungkook making a quick snack to eat. During their conversation, Kookie refers to the Bangtan leader as Rapmon hyung to which Hobi asks, "Will you keep calling him Rapmon?" The Golden Maknae, for whom Namjoon is his first and last role model, proudly states, "He'll be Rapmon hyung to me forever. Just give up now. I'll always call him Rapmon hyung."

"Do whatever you want," RM adds as his seal of approval to his 'forever little one' because he doesn't mind being called Rapmon, but only if it's Jungkook.

Watch the heartwarming video from BTS Memories of 2019 below:

Namkook stans, how are we feeling?!

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This isn't the first time BTS has discussed Kookie's nickname for Namjoon. During an episode of Bon Voyage Season 4 in New Zealand, Jimin had pointed out, "To Jungkook, RM will always be his Rapmon hyung. Even when we become old men, he'll call him Rapmon hyung."


Anonymous : The bond between Joongkook and Namjoon is really Adorable. They admire , support and inspire each other . Jk is rm's biggest fanboy as we know . It's awesome to see that jk still call RM Rapmon hyung . #ARMYLOVE
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Anonymous : Our president Kim Namjoon..♥
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Anonymous : Love you Namjoon with all my heart and soul! #방탄소년단RM #방탄소년단알엠 #KimNamjoon #김남준 #RM #Namjoon
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