VIDEO: Harry Styles dancing & giving words of wisdom to fan in a nightclub is the best thing on Internet TODAY

In a series of videos, Harry Styles is seen letting loose and dancing the night away with a lucky fan. The Fine Line singer is also seen giving some words of wisdom to said fan. Watch the adorable videos below.
Videos of Harry Styles dancing with a fan and giving her words of wisdom at a nightclub is going viral.
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When fans get to interact with their favourite celebrities IRL, some memorable moments come out of those heartfelt interactions. It's not just about a simple autograph or even a selfie, it's more about that personal connection you get even if for just a couple of minutes. One lucky fan got to see a different side to Mr. Harry Styles and the videos prove just what a fun guy the Falling singer can be, when away from the paparazzi. The videos are said to be taken from a New Year's party.

In one video, we see the fan dancing with Harry, who dances the night away like no one is watching! The song that they are dancing to is Kanye West's popular single Stronger as Styles dons a white tee which has the phrase 'But Daddy I Love Him' printed on it. The 26-year-old singer is also seen wearing pearls and pink nail polish while being barefoot. Meanwhile, in another video, Harry is seen giving some words of wisdom to the same fan. "Don't let any guy or any girl or anyone at any time hurt you," Harry said after lovingly hugging the fan.

Watch the videos of Harry Styles dancing and giving words of wisdom to the lucky fan below:

We don't know about you but for us, it's the best thing we saw on the Internet today!

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Meanwhile, during a recent iHeartRadio's Secret Session with the singer, Harry revealed the biggest compliment he could ever receive from a fan. "I just love music and I make what excites me and I think if somebody else can relate to it and take something from it, then that's kind of the biggest compliment they can give me," Harry shared via E! News.

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