VIDEO: Liam Payne RECALLS feeling up One Direction member Zayn Malik's 'b**bs' during Best Song Ever MV shoot

Updated on Apr 06, 2020 04:59 AM IST  |  5.6M
Zayn Malik dressed up as a woman named Veronica Malik in One Direction's hit single, Best Song Ever MV.
Zayn Malik dressed up as a woman named Veronica Malik in One Direction's hit single, Best Song Ever MV.

Liam Payne had Directioners' hearts fluttering with joy as the singer went down memory lane and spoke about his amazing days in One Direction. While it's been years since their indefinite hiatus from the boyband, Liam has often spoken fondly about 1D and his bandmates - Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. In a brand new video, Payne browsed through several One Direction videos and gave some interesting anecdotes about each video, which included the music video for their hit single, Best Song Ever.

Directioners are familiar with the storyline of Best Song Ever, which saw Liam as the eccentric choreographer Leeroy and Zayn dressed as a woman named Veronica Malik. While speaking about Malik's appearance, in particular, Payne quipped about how shocked he was to see his bandmate with b***bs. While initially, he was of the opinion that the styling team had just stuffed something in Zayn's chest, the 26-year-old was flabbergasted with how real they looked. Liam even quipped that he felt them up at one point!

Check out Liam Payne recalling his fond One Direction memories below:

Meanwhile, Liam also spoke about how the 1D boys would use code words to play a game, where when one of them used said code words, they'd all have to drop down simultaneously, no matter where they are. Moreover, Payne recalled shooting at NASA for Drag Me Down MV and the emotional feelings felt by the band when they shot for History MV, which was their last music video before their hiatus.

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