VIDEO: Nick Jonas gets groped at a Jonas Brothers concert & Twitterati lash out at fan's rude behaviour

Nick Jonas became an unfortunate victim of a fan's obsessive behaviour during a Jonas Brothers concert as she tried to feel the singer up. Watch the video below as Twitterati lashed out at said fan.
A fan tried to fondle Nick Jonas' butt during a Jonas Brothers concert.A fan tried to fondle Nick Jonas' butt during a Jonas Brothers concert.
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There are fans. Then, there are borderline obsessive fans! When it comes to being a well-known and admired celebrity, fame has its perks but there are many cons as well. While millions of fans love and respect you, there are those that cross the line, with one Jonas Brothers fan being the prime example. Recently, the newly reunited Jonas Brothers had a concert from their Happiness Begins Tour at Hollywood Bowl in Southern California. While performing Only Human, a young fan tried to feel Nick Jonas up.

In a video taken by another fan, from the concert, we see the unfortunate incident take place as the fan touched Nick's leg and then his butt, while the security tried to shove her hand away. Not giving up, the same fan then proceeded to feel up the 27-year-old singer's right leg while Priyanka Chopra's husband tried to take off her hand. Eventually, Nick had had enough and pointedly stared at the supposed fan as she finally backed away.

Watch the cringey video below:

Unfortunate, indeed!

Twitterati could not keep calm and lashed out at the fan on social media. One fan wrote, "Dear @nickjonas on behalf of the rest of the fandom I really want to apologize for what happened at the Hollywood Bowl. No one should be touched like that without consent, by a stranger. I hope the rest of us can make it up to you by showing what respect is. #happinessbeginstour," while another fan wrote, "nick jonas is going to turn the barricade into an electric fence thanks to y’all."

Check out the Twitter reactions below:

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Grippers must be punished severely ..their must be strict laws against this kind of humiliation

Kudos Nick
You deserve all the praise for NOT making a scene
The body guards could have done better in crowd control
To ALL gropers and
fondlers of EITHER sex allow yourself to be groped before you do it
Have a heart
They too are human

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