Viola Davis REVEALS the truth behind a Margot Robbie and Jared Leto rumour from Suicide Squad filming

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Viola Davis reveals Margot Robbie's reaction to a rat prank

During the filming of Suicide Squad, it was rumoured that actor Jared Leto who was playing the role of Joker, decided to get deep into his character and to establish the needed rapport between his and Harley Quinn's character sent a creepy gift to Margot Robbie. While there have been different versions of this story in the media, The Suicide Squad star Viola Davis recently revealed the truth in British Vogue interaction. 

For a profile done by British Vogue on Margot Robbie, Davis recalled a Suicide Squad rehearsal incident that involved a live rat. Sharing the story behind the same, Davis recalled when the entire cast of the film had met for a rehearsal and Jared had planned a prank on Margot. 

Talking about the prank which involved Margot receiving a box, Viola said," I was saying loudly, ‘Don’t open the box!’ I was halfway out the door when she opened the box." The gift contained what Viola described as the "biggest black rat." 

Adding further about Robbie's reaction to it, she said, "Then… she cooed at it. No fear. Open. Receptive. Full of joy." 

While Davis confirmed the longstanding rumour about Leto giving Robbie a rat, the actor had previously in an interview with GQ denied the incident saying, "It’s also interesting how this stuff all takes on a life of its own. But I never gave Margot Robbie a dead rat, that’s just not true."

As for Margot, the actress had confirmed she received a rat during filming and also stated that she decided to keep it as a pet.

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