VIRAL: Paul Rudd dines on Indian thali with Dan Levy; Fans are loving the Marvel & Schitt’s Creek crossover

Updated on Aug 02, 2021 11:48 PM IST  |  129K
Paul Rudd and Dan Levy pose for a photo at a London restaurant

Paul Rudd and Dan Levy were recently snapped dining together at a London restaurant serving Indian food and a photo of the duo has now been going viral on social media. The picture shows a youthful-looking Paul Rudd and Dan Levy posing alongside an extravagant Indian thali. The viral photo has netizens discussing several things including Rudd's anti-ageing but also the fact that they are in love with this Marvel and Schitt's Creek crossover.

The viral photo was shared by Chef Asma Khan on her Twitter account and since then, it has been generating a lot of discussion on social media including a few fans speculating about Dan Levy's possible MCU entry with Rudd's upcoming Ant-Man 3. Not to mention Rudd's stunning look at 52 has been driving fans crazy wondering how the actor manages to look so young.

Rudd and Levy's photo also caught celebrity attention as Never Have I Ever creator Mindy Kaling took to Twitter to react to the same and wrote, "I saw that pic of Paul Rudd and Dan Levy eating Indian food together and made it about me somehow."

Check out how netizens are reacting to it here:

This Dan Levy and Paul Rudd photo has also led fans to believe that the duo would make for an absolutely amazing combination for a buddy film and it seems fans will soon be urging Hollywood makers to cast this duo for a comedy-drama. While eagle-eyed fans did notice that Rudd and Levy briefly worked together on the 2013 film Admission, they can't help but hope there's a bigger project for the duo's onscreen collab in near future.

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