WATCH: John Cena praises BTS for sending a good message to ARMY through music; REVEALS his favourite members

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, John Cena revealed why he loves BTS so much by praising the inspiring and powerful message the K-pop band sends across to the ARMY. Watch the videos below as the Dolittle star also reveals who his favourite BTS members are.
John Cena praises BTS' inspiring and powerful message of self-love and self-reflection in their music.
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John Cena is a self-proclaimed ARMY member and more often than not, we have witnessed the WWE wrestler profess his admiration for the popular K-pop band. In a recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, when James Corden quizzed the Dolittle star on being a fan of the Bangtan Boys and why he loves them so much, John could not stop praising them. "I became interested in the fact that... they are a Korean pop band and they were the first Korean pop band to actually connect everybody throughout the world. They have fans throughout the world. Being in live entertainment, I was like 'Wow! That's interesting. How do they do this?,'" John pondered.

Talking about the inspiring and powerful message BTS sends across to ARMY, Cena added, "Then, I began listening to their music and listened to the message they send to their fans and it's one of self-love and self-reflection, being confident in yourself even though you may be different." Explaining how it's admirable that BTS, being as popular as they are, choose to use their voice for something good, the 42-year-old actor gushed, "Not only is their choreography and the development of personalities and the whole entertainment they put on spectacular, but young people are also listening to their music and they are sending a good message through their music."

"I think that's really cool.. when you have popularity and you choose to use your voice for something good. I think that's a plus," the Fast & Furious 9 star concluded.Moreover, when James asked John who his favourite BTS members were, the wrestler revealed, "Being an old school rapper myself, RM and J-Hope, both," to which Corden replied back, "I'm an RM and Jungkook guy."

John Cena really is the biggest BTS stan! Wouldn't you agree?

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Who is your favourite BTS member? Let us know your picks in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, BTS' upcoming album Map of the Soul: 7 drops on February 21, 2020.

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