WATCH: Nick Jonas serenades Priyanka Chopra from miles away as he treats her to a live quartet performance

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WATCH: Nick Jonas serenades Priyanka Chopra from miles away as he treats her to a live quartet performance

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are painting social media red with their love for each other. The actress, who recently celebrated her 39th birthday with her team and friends at a weekend getaway in London, has been flooded with love from her fans as well as husband Nick Jonas. While Priyanka is on work in London, Nick is in Los Angeles. However, the pop singer made it an extremely special one. 

Despite being in different continents, Nick not just showered his ladylove with rare gifts, he also managed to serenade her from miles away. Taking to her Instagram Story, Priyanka shared a video of a quartet performing on the deck of her swanky weekend villa. With a backdrop of white balloons, the pool and a floral arrangement that read, "Happy Birthday Priyanka," the dapper quartet can be seen playing some soulful music.

The timing also seemed to be perfect as Priyanka started her video with the glimpse of a sunset followed by the quartet's heartwarming music. She wrote, "I love you @nickjonas this is beautiful," while tagging the Manchester Quartet. Nick also reposted the video on his Instagram Story with three hearts. 

The video was shared by several of Priyanka and Nick's fan pages. Check out the video below: 



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On Monday, Pinkvilla also revealed that Nick possibly sent across a rare bottle of red wine for his ladylove. Taking to Instagram, Priyanka tagged Nick as she shared a photo of a bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1982. The red wine is only made in France and looks like Nick went all out to get it for his wife on her birthday weekend. 

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Anonymous : Ufffff they are always face to face rubbing noses . they remind me of puppies .
REPLY 4 1 week ago
Anonymous : Momy and boy like Neetu and Ranbir.
REPLY 9 1 week ago
Anonymous : Dont insult Neetu she is a goodlooking woman
REPLY 4 1 week ago
Anonymous : Its so funny when you visit her promo page all her fake paid fans keep repeating the same cheesy comments over and over again for all the photos. Its hysterical to see how limited their vocabulary is
REPLY 11 1 week ago
Anonymous : same like dee pee
REPLY 2 1 week ago
Anonymous : He used to give her expensive gift like expensive car. Snow automobile expensive ring. Now he is down to shitty wine lol.
REPLY 12 1 week ago
Anonymous : When every private intimate moment between a husband and wife is publicized on social media for some money, you know the whole facade is fake, like this marriage. PeeCee you have fallen a new low!
REPLY 14 1 week ago
Anonymous : Perfectly staged show to keep fooling the fans. Fake promo couple! Annoying!
REPLY 12 1 week ago
Anonymous : he can send wine but can't celebrate the birthday together?
REPLY 12 1 week ago