We can’t keep relying on Mindy Kaling to keep making these shows: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan opens up

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Maitreyi Ramakrishnan talks about her role Devi in Never Have I Ever
We can’t keep relying on Mindy Kaling to keep making these shows: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan opens up

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan has been playing her part in bringing South Asian representation to Hollywood and we should say she has been quite successful. She is being looked upon by the younger generation as a role model and someone who is paving the way for them. She is being termed as a ‘ground-breaker’ and her performance in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever as been called a ‘breakout performance’. As you can imagine, there is no stopping Maitreyi now.

During an interview with Teen Vogue, Maitreyi spoke about her role in this huge representation and about her character Devi in Never Have I Ever.

When asked about some of the criticism her character Devi received, Maitreyi revealed that she does not feel the need to defend the show anymore. This is because she feels that the show speaks for itself and that she understands not everyone might relate to it. In fact, she adds that this is why we need more representation. Talking about her mentor Mindy Kaling, Maitreyi says that we can’t keep relying on Kaling to keep making these shows and that more people should come forward and do it.

Further discussing the fact that her character Devi possibly could not represent every South Asian teen’s experience, Maitreyi mentioned that she finds that thought ‘crazy’ as there are so many cultures, dialects and backgrounds within South Asians. She mentions that its not possible to put us all in one, and she’s so right, isn’t she?

Maitreyi also explains why people have liked Devi. She revealed that like Devi, everyone has said things in anger, everyone has gossiped at some point and hurt someone they didn’t want to.

Maitreyi will next be seen in The Netherfield Girls, which is a modern take on the classic Pride and Prejudice. She revealed that Lizzie Bennet isn’t a white girl this time, because, as per Maitreyi, we don’t need people of color inhabiting the shells of white people.

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Anonymous : This girl is awesome the way these white washed bollywood types can never be. She is a dynamite.
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Anonymous : why is this girl suddenly everywhere?
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Anonymous : Because a lot of people watched the show and it did well....?
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Anonymous : Cuz she's amazing
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Anonymous : Why not?
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