'We just didn’t eat': When Cillian Murphy and Tom Holland prepped for a role in USD 93 million movie just like Christian Bale's role in cult classic

Tom Holland & Cillian Murphy's transformations in 'In The Heart Of The Sea' echo Christian Bale's dedication

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Cillian Murphy and Tom Holland spoke about their role in "In the heart of the Sea" (Instagram)

Key Highlight

  • Murphy shared that they undertook the transformation like Christian Bale's in The Machinist
  • The film was shot with utmost priority to authenticity and very less CGI was used
  • Tom recalled when they had to eat nothing on the set, while shooting

In the world of cinema, the allure of bringing a script to life often demands actors to go beyond their comfort zones. It’s not just about emoting on screen; sometimes, it’s about embodying a role so authentically that the physical challenges become as integral to the performance as the lines they deliver. Tom Holland and Cillian Murphy, known for their versatile talents took on such a demanding endeavor in the film "In The Heart Of The Sea." The two actors sat down for an interview where they delved into the physical rigors of the project and the profound transformation it demanded. The film grossed over 93 Million USD at the Box Office.

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Cillian Murphy and Tom Holland followed Christian Bale's diet

One aspect that often remains unseen by the audience is the effect of seeing the finished film. For Holland, the experience was overwhelming. He shared that the film looked so different from how he remembered it while filming. This detachment allowed him to disconnect as an actor and simply appreciate the cinematic journey as a viewer.

The interview also touched upon the physical transformation of the actors, a hallmark of authenticity in roles of this nature. Murphy candidly shared that they undertook the transformation for real, akin to Christian Bale's legendary dedication. It was a process of controlled deprivation, and it added another layer of depth to their performances. Transforming their bodies to mirror the hardships their characters endured added an extra dimension of realism.

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From the Script to Reality 

"In The Heart Of The Sea" wasn't just another movie; it was a foray into a world of authenticity and grueling dedication. Holland and Murphy both shared the sentiment that they had anticipated the physical demands of the film even before they embarked on the project. Director Ron Howard had been upfront with them about the challenging journey they were about to undertake. For these actors, however, the idea of being pushed to their limits was not daunting; rather, it was exhilarating. Murphy aptly put it, “This is gonna be challenging for everybody and we want to do as much of it as ‘for real’ as possible. So, just be forewarned.” A challenge embraced wholeheartedly is a challenge half-conquered.

Holland echoed this sentiment, highlighting that the script itself had hinted at the demanding nature of the project. Ron Howard's determination to create an authentic and realistic film meant that the actors had to step out of their comfort zones and into the world of physical transformation. And just like that, they found themselves in the same boat, figuratively and literally.


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Actor's Duty to Authenticity

Unsurprisingly, working under such conditions brought discomfort. The unpredictability of the sea, coupled with the dampness, made every moment a challenge. However, these hardships were not without purpose. Holland emphasized that their duty as actors was to do justice to the real men whose stories they were telling. This sense of responsibility kept them going even when the going got tough.

CGI and visual effects are common tools, "In The Heart Of The Sea" stands as a testament to the power of real experiences. The film's authenticity was not just in the portrayal of events but in the actors' genuine physical trials. Tom Holland and Cillian Murphy's journey in this film serves as a reminder that the dedication and transformation required of actors go far beyond the lines they deliver. It's about embracing challenges, pushing boundaries, and creating an immersive experience that resonates with audiences. Just as the sea can be both beautiful and treacherous, the world of cinema can be both physically demanding and artistically rewarding.

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Is the story of In the Heart of the Sea real?
Real-life tale – that of a vengeful whale taking out a whaling ship – has now been adapted in true swashbuckling style by Ron Howard. The film, In the Heart of the Sea (released on Boxing Day), is based on Nathaniel Philbrick's maritime history book of the same name

What kind of whale is In the Heart of the Sea?
The Essex was a Nantucket whaleship that ran into particularly malicious sperm whale in 1820, some 2,000 miles from the western coast of South America. This massive, white-browed monster destroyed the ship, and the sailors it didn't kill it sentenced to a possibly worse fate; resorting to cannibalism to survive.

What is the monster In the Heart of the Sea?
A Massachusetts whaling ship, The Essex, sank in 1820 leaving a handful of crew adrift on open boats; they said the disaster was caused by getting rammed by a monstrously large sperm whale, with a serious grudge against homo sapiens.

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