What Did Taylor Swift Think Of Travis Kelce Before Meeting Him? Ben Marshall Reveals

The SNL star, Ben Marshall, revealed that Taylor Swift thought Travis Kelce was quite humorous, even before meeting him. Marshall shared that he, too, had something to do with their romance.

Published on Mar 01, 2024  |  10:57 PM IST |  48K
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift via IMDB

The Saturday Night Live star Ben Marshall opened up on what Taylor Swift thought of Travis Kelce before meeting him. While the world knows of the friendship bracelet incident, Swift had noticed the NFL star way before it happened. Marshall shared that when he was a part of the comedy trio Please Don't Destroy, he worked with the couple on separate episodes. The comedian shared that his trio was somewhat responsible for getting the couple together.

How Did Taylor Swift React To Travis Kelce's Video?

The trio hosted one of the episodes of SNL in March 2023. During their presentation, they revealed, "We worked with both Taylor and Travis Kelce before they got together. So we—and we can cut this out if you guys don't want to say this—but she kinda told us that she watched his SNL episode and saw him in our video."

Marshall further added to the lines, "I was thinking about like maybe [sharing that story] on [The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy] Fallon, and then we were like, 'I think that, if then they ever break up, we will be pinned for causing this disaster." He continued, "It's just a very precarious situation because people have such strong feelings." 


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Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce's Hosting On SNL

Both Tavis Kelce and Taylor Swift had the chance to host SNL. Kelce hosted the show in March 2023 and simultaneously pre-tapped a gig for the Please Don't Destroy show. Meanwhile, Swift appeared twice on Saturday Night Live; once in 2009 as a host and a musical guest, and the second time in 2021 as a collaborator with Pete Davidson, where she sang Three Little Virgins. 

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Work Front

On the work front, the Anti-Hero singer will visit Europe for her Eras Tour shows after successful shows in Melbourne and Sydney. Kelce was present at the first show in Sydney to cheer for Swift.

A source close to the couple revealed, "Taylor and Travis are both super busy right now, but they are trying their best to prioritize each other and their relationship. Travis is very into Taylor and wanted to be there to support her during her shows in Australia. He's grateful that she showed up for him during a very hectic time in her career and made it a point to do the same for her. They're making a joint effort to make things work."

According to the reports, the NFL star will join the Lover singer on her European tour.

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