What Do Bridgerton's 'Ton' Stand For? Meaning Explored

Bridgerton Season 3’s final episodes recently premiered. Read more to know the meaning of the word ton from the show.

Published on Jun 18, 2024  |  10:18 AM IST |  47.8K
 Meaning of the Term ‘Ton’ Used In Bridgerton Explained
Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton in Bridgerton (PC: IMDB)

Bridgerton Season 3 has brought along new characters as well as love matches. What has stayed consistent throughout the drama is the regency-era slang. Bridgerton fans are no strangers to Lady Whistledown’s slang either. The writer often uses the term “ton” in her issues. This has left fans questioning the true meaning and origin of the word. Here’s what the word often used in Bridgerton means.

What is the meaning of ton?

The word “ton” is frequently mentioned in Bridgerton throughout its 3 seasons. The show primarily tells the story of the siblings of the Bridgerton family and their lives in the Regency era.  The regular usage of the word might have left fans wondering what it actually means.

Ton comes from the French phrase “le bon ton” which means good or elegant form or style. The series is based on the books written by Julia Quinn. The word is used in the books to label the people that make up the high-class society. The people who qualify as the ton are unlike commoners. 

Tudum by Netfix derived people of the ton as, “aristocrats and upper-crust gentry are named after the French expression bon ton, or good manners.” The people in the ton are distinguished by their noble professions, elite social status, and wealth. 

Bridgerton Season 3 

Bridgerton’s Season 3 came out on 13th June. Season 3 was divided into two parts, the first 4 episodes of the show premiered on the 16th of May. The final 4 episodes of the show came out on the 13th of June. 


Season 3 was led by Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton. The two played the roles of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton respectively. Fans of the show witnessed Colin and Penelope’s love story in the newest season of the Netflix drama. The show also gave the viewers a glimpse of Francesca and John’s love story. 

Cast regulars Jonathan Bailey, Simone Ashley, Claudia Jessie, Luke Thompson, and Ruth Gemmell returned to the show. Season 3 also brought new cast members including Sam Phillips, Victor Alli, and Daniel Francis. Victor Alli plays Lord John Stirling in the show who is the Earl of Kilmartin. In the season finale of the show, the viewers were introduced to John’s cousin Michaela Stirling.  

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