What Does Timothee Chalamet Allegedly Think About Kylie Jenner's Family Amid Claims Of Not Prioritizing Her? Report

Timothée Chalamet plans a grand birthday celebration for Kylie Jenner, aiming to show his commitment despite critics and concerns from her family about his investment in their relationship.

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Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner (PC: Instagram)
Key Highlight
  • Chalamet is planning an intimate dinner and a big bash for Kylie's 27th birthday
  • Despite criticism from Kylie's family, Chalamet reassures her of his commitment

Timothée Chalamet intends to hold a big birthday party for Kylie Jenner in a gesture of commitment to quiet the doubters. According to insiders, he wants total assurance that Kylie will feel loved on her 27th birthday this August.

Addressing critics and family concerns

Chalamet and Jenner have faced rumors of an unhealthy romance since they began dating in June 2023. Friends and family members of Kylie are reportedly trying to persuade her to break up with Chalamet because they believe that he does not prioritize her. 

Nonetheless, sources say that Chalamet is bent on proving his loyalty. He has been discussing ideas with Kylie’s family concerning how best to celebrate her birthday.

Birthday celebration plans

A multi-tiered celebration has been meticulously planned by Chalamet. These plans include a dinner limited only to the two lovebirds followed by a larger event attended by their families, friends, and Stormi as well as Aire who are the Kardashians’ children. 

After wrapping up his movie projects, Chalamet intends to take Kylie away for leisure time in tropical settings. “He is thinking so much about the future with her and one thing he is looking forward to is her birthday”, an inside source reported.

Overcoming relationship challenges

Presently, while filming a Bob Dylan biopic in another location where he lives apart from Calabasas where Kylie stays; Timothée Chalamet is geographically separated from his girlfriend. This distance has raised eyebrows about their relationship among those close to Kylie. 


Nevertheless, despite all these fears, she stays hopeful about their love for each other which is still strong. People familiar with matters surrounding them articulate that Timothée revealed one truth about why his priority was right; while other people were more critical even from within her family.

The first signs of their romantic involvement appeared when last year in June during summer vacation we saw Jenner at Timothy’s Beverly Hill home hanging out together after breaking up with Scott. 

They went public during a Beyoncé concert in September 2023. However, despite their mutual warmth at the Golden Globe Awards, they have not been spotted together recently thus speculations about them.

Looking ahead

Kylie and Timothée remain engaged in their careers. Her current business interests involve the launch of a new energy drink called Sprinter. Meanwhile, Chalamet is focused on acting projects including the promotion of Dune 2. Nonetheless, amid such tight schedules, Timothy remains committed to making Kylie’s birthday unforgettable and meaningful which will seal their bond.


From an outsider’s point of view, it is still unclear what the future holds for both partners but his efforts toward planning a thoughtful and inclusive celebration to mark her birthday are indicative of genuine intentions and affectionate feelings toward Kylie by Timothee.

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What special plans does Timothée have for Kylie's birthday?
Timothée is planning a low-key dinner, a big party with family and friends, and a tropical getaway.

How is Timothée addressing criticism about their relationship?
Timothée reassures Kylie of his commitment and asks her to ignore the outside noise, even from her family.

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