What is DeuxMoi? Exploring the gossip account that got slammed by Taylor Swift's publicist for making bizarre claims about the singer

“There was NEVER a marriage of ANY kind,” said Taylor Swift’s publicist to the Instagram account DeuxMoi

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In the era of pop culture fascination, one Instagram account has become the holy grail for celebrity enthusiasts seeking the juiciest gossip. DeuxMOI, with its 1.7 million followers, has been the pulse of breaking the stories, from shocking breakups to unexpected romances. But who is behind this and why has Taylor Swift’s publicist taken a shot at the account? Let’s delve into the intriguing world of DeuxMoi.

DeuxMoi unveiled

DeuxMOi, an Instagram account (@deuxmoi), dishes out celebrity gossip ranging from the scandalous to the seemingly mundane. With disclaimers like “Some statements made on this account have not been independently confirmed,” it presents a rollercoaster of unfiltered information. Its website, Deuxmoi.World, adds another layer, featuring blind items—gossip with hidden identities, a throwback to old Hollywood intrigue.

 Taylor Swift ( Getty Images )

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The identity of the mastermind behind DeuxMoi has been a subject of intense speculation. Originally surfacing in 2013 as a fashion blog, the account lay dormant until the COVID-19 pandemic, when it resurfaced seeking celebrity stories. While rumors about its founders abound, the current operator remains shrouded in secrecy preferring to let the gossip take center stage.


Denial from Swift’s publicist

Recently, Taylor Swift’s publicist vehemently debunked claims made by DeuxMoi about a purported marriage ceremony with Joe Alwyn. Tree Paine, Swift’s spokesperson lashed out, emphasizing, “There was NEVER a marriage or ceremony of ANY kind.” This public denial sheds light on the potential harm such gossip can inflict on the subjects involved.

Beyond Instagram, DeuxMOI has expanded its empire, venturing into podcasts merchandise, and even a novel, Anon Pls. The book, co-written with Jessica Goodman, weaves a fictional tale around the creator’s life. A forthcoming HBO drama based on the novel adds another layer to DeuxMoi’s growing influence.

In the realm of celebrity gossip, DeuxMoi stands as a captivating enigma, stirring curiosity and controversy. As it continues to navigate the blurred lines between fact and fiction, one thing remains certain—the allure of the unknown keeps followers hooked.

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