What Is Prince Harry's Relationship Like With Queen Camilla? Here's What He Mentions In The Memoir

Prince Harry reveals in his memoir that he and Prince William called Queen Camilla 'the other woman' during their childhood, reflecting their discomfort with their father's remarriage.

Published on Jun 19, 2024  |  10:41 PM IST |  61.4K
Prince Harry Reveals Referring To Queen Camilla As The Other Women During His Childhood
Queen Camilla and Prince Harry (PC: Getty Images)

Prince Harry’s degrading relationship with the British royal family is not showing any signs of improvement. After he and his family settled in America after being barred from their palace, the Duke of Sussex released his much-read memoir, titled Spare. Well though Prince Harry made some revelations in his memoir, one instance stands out pretty much and that is the nickname of Queen Camilla given to her by Prince Harry and his elder brother, Prince William. 

What name does Prince Harry give to Queen Camilla during his childhood? 

Prince William and Prince Harry are the offspring of King Charles III and the late Princess Diana, making Queen Camilla their stepmother. In his memoir, Spare, Prince Harry revealed, as retrieved via Mirror, that they were not happy with their father’s marriage with Camilla and would refer to her as the “other woman” and that the brother duo even begged their father to not marry Camilla. 

Prince William and Prince Harry (PC: Getty Images)

The Duke of Sussex even commented upon Princess Diana’s iconic BBC Panorama interview, where talking about her marriage the late princess shared, “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” hinting towards Camilla's consort dynamic with Charles

Addressing his mother’s comment, Harry shared her mother’s math was off, as he felt that the feelings of him and his brother were not taken into consideration as the adults continued with their love triangle. But talking about their father’s relationship with Camilla, Harry wrote that he and Williams sensed something wrong and were struggling to keep up with the developments between them, as he referred to Camilla as the other woman. 


“We didn’t understand what was going on with her and Pa, certainly, but we intuited enough, we sensed the presence of the Other Woman, because we suffered the downstream effects,” Prince Harry wrote. 

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Queen Camilla and King Charles (PC: Getty Images)

Prince Harry revealed that Prince William was bothered with Charles and Camilla’s relationship

As the tumultuous relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry continued, the latter revealed in his memoir that the Prince of Wales was plagued by the idea of the other woman and that he was concerned about his father’s relationship with Camilla. Harry further added that once William got confirmation regarding Charles’ new relationship, he struggled to digest his father’s new relationship.

“Willy long harbored suspicions about the Other Woman, which confused him, tormented him, and when those suspicions were confirmed he felt tremendous guilt for having done nothing, said nothing, sooner,” the Duke of Sussex stated. 

Well as the secrets concerning the British royal family are unveiled in Prince Harry’s memoir, the netizens are more intrigued with the behind-the-door relationship dynamic of the royal family. Reports even emerge that the Duke of Sussex is planning to release his second memoir, as his constrained relationship with the British royal family continues. 


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What is the rift between Prince Harry and King Charles?
Prince Harry and King Charles are estranged, mainly due to claims of mistreatment towards Meghan Markle.

What's happening with Prince Harry?
Harry and Meghan live in California with their children Archie and Lilibet. They left the UK in 2020 and no longer have an official residence there.

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