When Emilia Clarke revealed she told her mom how Game of Thrones will end

Throwback to when Emilia Clarke revealed that she told her mom how Game of Thrones will end. Read on to know more.
When Emilia Clarke revealed she told her mom how Game of Thrones will end
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Game of Thrones stars had, time and again, mentioned how difficult it was for them to keep the details about the show’s ending to themselves when the whole world wanted to find out what will happen. The creators had given strict instructions to the cast members about not spoiling the end. Even though the actors attended various media events and gave a number of interviews while promoting the last season of the series, they managed to keep the ending of the show under tight wraps.

The final episode of the series aired on 19 May 2019. However, during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Emilia Clarke revealed that even though she wasn’t supposed to, she told one person how the popular series will end. The actress, who played the role of Daenerys Targaryen aka the mother of dragons in the series, mentioned that she shared the details with her mom. However, she also stated that sharing the ending with her mother was harmless because she would easily forget it.  

In addition to her mom, Emilia also shared the ending with her dog. “Well, I’ve got to be honest, I did [tell someone], I did. Not just my dog, I told, wasn’t supposed, sorry lads, I told my mom. But the good thing about telling my mom these things is that she’s a vault because she’s just done forgotten,” she said.

“I told her. And we were talking about it the other day, and I was like, ‘Because, you know,’ and she was like, ‘Do I?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, ‘cause I told ya. You kind of read one of the scenes,’ and she was like ‘I can’t remember what happens.’ And I was like, ‘I already told you twice. You missed your chance,” Emilia added. The 33-year-old actress’s mother wasn’t the only one who knew about the show’s ending.

Last year, during an appearance on Good Morning America, Sophie Turner revealed that Joe Jonas, who is now her husband, had to sign an NDA because he know how the show ended. "Actually, he was on set for most of it, so he kind of figured it out, and then he had to sign an NDA. He had to have full photo approval on set, his camera was covered up, everything," she revealed. While at that time Sophie did mention that Joe is horrible at keeping secrets, the singer managed to keep his lips sealed and did not spoil the climax for the viewers.

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