When Princess Diana was asked if she wanted son William to succeed Queen Elizabeth instead of Prince Charles

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Princess Diana had shared in the same 1995 interview that she wished for her husband Prince Charles to find peace of mind.

It's been years since Princess Diana's untimely death in 1997 but her legacy still lives on through her children Prince William and Prince Harry. Even now, her sons talk fondly about their beloved mother who was adored by millions and became a much bigger entity than even the royal family. Diana had a very close equation with her sons even when her marriage with Prince Charles was crumbling. Post their separation, Diana had sat down for an explosive interview with BBC1 Panorama in 1995 when she spoke candidly about her side of the story to her divorce with Charles which included her separation from the royal family.

William at that time had just become a teenager and was second in line to the British throne after Queen Elizabeth ll and Prince Charles. When Martin Bashir asked Princess Diana if she believed that William should succeed his grandmother instead of her husband due to their marital difficulties, the Princess of Wales revealed, "Well, then you have to see that William's very young at the moment, so do you want a burden like that to be put on his shoulders at such an age? So I can't answer that question," via People.

"Would it be your wish that when Prince William comes of age that he were to succeed the Queen rather than the current Prince of Wales?," Bashir rephrased his question to which Diana cryptically shared, "My wish is that my husband finds peace of mind, and from that follows others things, yes."

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However, as per the 1701 Act of Settlement, a monarch's heir must be his or her direct successor as well as a Protestant. Hence, Prince Charles is the rightful next in line, not Prince William.


Anonymous : Diana was a mess herself, suicide attempts when pregnant, running with Europe's most notorious Playboy, Didi, etc. She was the precursor of the failed Fergie, and the ultra diaster Meghan!
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Anonymous : Prince William is racist bully and does not deserve to be the King
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