When rumours of Jennifer Aniston being pregnant with Brad Pitt's baby left tongues wagging

Brad Pitt skipped BAFTA earlier this year. It was rumoured that the actor skipped the awards show to be by a pregnant Jennifer Aniston.
When rumours of Jennifer Aniston being pregnant with Brad Pitt's baby left tongues waggingWhen rumours of Jennifer Aniston being pregnant with Brad Pitt's baby left tongues wagging
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Over the past few months, rumours of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's alleged reunion are dropping jaws. The former couple mended their relationship and are reportedly friends now following Brad's split with Angelina Jolie. Although Brad himself clarified earlier this year that there is nothing more than friendship between him and Jen, rumour mills refuse to stop speculating about their alleged romance. We've played witness to rumours of their alleged wedding, adoption and even Brad cheating on Jen with Alia Shawkat. 

But rumour that left tongues wagging claimed that the Friends alum is pregnant with Brad's child. Back in February, fans would recall that Brad skipped the BAFTA awards. Now to Love claimed that Brad skipped the prestigious awards show due to Jen's pregnancy. Apparently, he did not want to leave the US, leaving Jen behind alone. 

To top it off, it was also rumoured that the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star and The Morning Show actress went for an Italian vacation which was dubbed as a "babymoon." George Clooney reported lent his Lake Como villa to the couple. “George is stoked that Jen and Brad are back together and happily offered up his home. He even had the region’s best doctor on hand to help Jen with her illness and treated her to all sorts of natural remedies and stomach-soothing drinks,” the source said at the time. 

However, the bogus story came tumbling down when two reports revealed that Brad was attending to his children. The Sun reported the actor was mending ties with Maddox. "Maddox gave Brad the chance to talk and he dropped everything. Being a father is the most important thing in his life and he would do anything to repair their relationship," a source told the outlet. An insider told Page Six that the actor was attending to his daughter, who was recovering from surgery. Angie had confirmed that two of her daughters underwent surgery in February. 

As for Jen, there is no growing baby bump seen! Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

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Anonymous 2 months ago

I agree with Jolie.... a divorced man should not be with his girlfriends except maybe if he wishes to marry her & is monogamus again! It’s not good for children! My opinion!

Anonymous 2 months ago

Only once in a lifetime could there be a love like Angelina and Brad's his love for Jen was sweet but you could love lots of times like that but him and Angie were a once in a lifetime love neither of them will love like that again like Liz tailor and Richard Burton

Anonymous 2 months ago

Brad Pitt is not an old drunk and he gave up drinking after Angelina's false allegations of abuse. She played that card against him even though she is a hardcore addict herself. Brad does not want her back and he tried to end their brand before. She mislead him and blindsided him

Anonymous 2 months ago

Angelina dumped Brad —, Brad is free now -. If Brad wanted Aniston he would be with her. In all he does Brad has shown his love for Angelina still. At the expense of his children using his 6 kids even in spite even . Because she would not take him back — Brads is an old drunk. He never wanted to lose Angelina. Aniston chases after every man who dumps her. even Justin, who never even married her. — Justin dines with his dog rather then her. - or with his friends. Hi

Anonymous 2 months ago

Stop making news about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.First of all if he really loves her or loved her he would not pursue Angelina Jolie when they were paired in the movie.At the time he was married to her,and he realized that she was not the woman of his dream so cut it off now cz you are just endangering the emotion of this poor woman who up until now is still in love with her so called divorced husband. Brad Pitt is just friendly with her and had apologized. He is pursuing another woman that shows that he is not really into Jennifer Aniston.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Brad Pitt did not pursue Angelina while he was married. He waited until after he ended that marriage and has said so many times. Leave Pitt alone and stop the who is Aniston act over her planted claims

Anonymous 2 months ago

I love Jennifer Aniston and I wish nothing but the best for her, she handled herself with her head held high, she doesn't need to be reminded of that two timing ba***d or that home wrecking wh**e.

Anonymous 2 months ago

These comments are abusive, ignorant, and are crossing the line. Brad is not a two-timer and it is rabid for her fans to still attack them like this after 15 years. She plants these stories at their expense. Brad Pitt did not betray or wrong her. There was no proof of two-timing and he knows he just moved on with a co-star despite tabloid gossip. She on the other hand, cheated on him with Matt, tried to obscure the kissing pics, and has maliciously ran a smear campaign for a long time. Your love for Aniston is toxic and based on unfounded pity. No real actress who has actually been cheated on gets this reaction.

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