When The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder said Damon and Elena’s fans were problematic for his life

Throwback to when Ian Somerhalder revealed that The Vampire Diaries fans who shipped Damon and Elena were problematic for his personal life.
When The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder said Damon and Elena’s fans were problematic for his lifeWhen The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder said Damon and Elena’s fans were problematic for his life

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s The Vampire Diaries characters Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert started dating each other in season 4 after she broke up with Damon’s younger brother Stefan Salvatore (played by Paul Wesley). From the very begging of their on-screen romance, Ian and Nina enjoyed the support of their passionate fans who were just crazy about Damon and Elena’s jaw-dropping chemistry. In fact, they had been rooting for the two to get together even when Elena was still in a relationship with Stefan.

The fact that the on-screen couple was also seeing each other in real life only made the fans more excited. They wanted Ian and Niana to find their happy ending in real life. However, they were left heartbroken when the two decided to call it quits, and eventually, Nina left the show. Even though their relationship did not work out in real life, the actors continued to play each other’s love interests in the teen drama series. TVD first aired on the television in 2009 and ran for 8 seasons. While the actress ended up quitting the series in season 6, Ian was a part of it till the very end.

The fans were furious about the breakup and even blamed Ian for Nina’s decision to quit the show. Nina and Ian dated for three years and broke up in 2013. Ian started seeing Nikki Reed in 2014 and after dating for about 6 months, he popped the big question. The two walked down the aisle in April 2015 and Nina said goodbye to the show in May. Last year in August, the creators of TVD held a 10-year reunion event, which was attended by Ian, Paul, Joseph Morgan (who played Niklaus Mikaelson in the show), and many more.

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During the convention, Ian opened up about how Delena fans were problematic for his personal life. At the event, Ian, who sat next to his onscreen brother Paul, was asked which ship he preferred, Stelena (Stefan and Elena’s fans) or Delena (Damon and Elena’s fans). His answer was captured by a fan who posted it on twitter. In the clip, the actor mentioned that he liked Stelena fans better than Delena fans. He even mentioned that Delena fans were mean. 

“Stelena was better for my life because Delena fans can really mean umm… to me and my wife and my family and stuff. So I love Stelena. Stelena was fun. Stelena fans are like super cool. Delena fans were actually problematic. Yeah. To my family and me, and it just got really weird for a little while. I shipped Elena and Damon like crazy until the ship just got negative. So I love Stelena. It’s easier for my life. And I got to see Paul all the time cause he and Elena were always making out and stuff,” he said at the convention.

Check out the video here: 

Even though the speculations suggested that Nina left the show because she had a bad breakup with Ian, the two always maintained that there was no bad blood between them. Nina is now friends with both Ian and his wife Nikki, who share a son together. Last year, during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Nina defended her decision to stay friends with her TVD co-star and his wife.

After the actress was done shooting the show, a viewer asked Nina about her relationship with the couple. "I don't think that's weird at all. I think that's great. I think, 'Why can't everyone be friends?' I think that they have a beautiful baby, and they are happy and so am I, and what's bad about that? I don't see any problem with that," E Online reported Nina as saying.

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Back in 2017, Nikki too reacted to the speculations about her relationship with Nina. After she and Ian started dating, the fans slammed her for going behind her friend’s back and dating her ex. Nikki finally put all the allegations to rest when she shared an adorable and cozy picture of the trio happily posing for the camera.

“For the last few years, we thought addressing any baseless rumours with silence was the best way. Besides, who wants to respond to made up stories about "friends backstabbing friends", "cheating exes", or "cast members exiting shows" on low-brow websites that are just perpetuating trends that preceded us,” she wrote in the caption. Nina and Ian too posted the picture on their Insta handles.

“Can't believe how time flies. Farewell dinner with team Somereed! So good catching up with these goofballs,” Nina wrote in her caption. Ian too addressed the speculations in his caption. “Chilling with these two... After years of websites pretending these two badass ladies knew each other well and baseless, false information of backstabbing and hatred from low-brow websites filled the minds and hearts of fans... They finally were able to get together for their first real dinner,” he wrote.

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