Who are Nicole Kidman's children? Exploring their relationship amid adoption, miracle pregnancies, and more

Explore Nicole Kidman's resilient journey through motherhood, from overcoming heartbreaking miscarriages and adopting with Tom Cruise to celebrating the miracle of her biological daughters.

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban with their children (Getty Images)

Nicole Kidman's journey through motherhood has been marked by triumphs, challenges, and an enduring commitment to family. From her early days with ex-husband Tom Cruise, when they adopted two children following the heartbreaking miscarriages, to her present life with husband Keith Urban and their two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, Kidman's story is one of resilience and motherhood. 

Nicole Kidman adopted two kids with Tom Cruise, following her miscarriages 

In the aftermath of a devastating ectopic pregnancy during her marriage to Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman faced the heartbreak of losing her first child. The couple thus decided to adopt two children, Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony. Kidman’s first kid, Isabella Jane, was adopted from Miami, Florida. Following her father’s beliefs, Isabella too decided to follow Scientology. Kidman's second adopted and only son was adopted from Florida as well. Post the divorce between Kidman and Cruise, the two adopted kids stayed with Cruise and have reported a strained relationship with their mother. 

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise with their adopted children (Getty Images)

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Miracles and Surrogacy: Nicole Kidman’s biological children with Keith Urban

After her divorce from Cruise, Nicole Kidman found love again with country icon Keith Urban. Overcoming past struggles with infertility, Kidman and Urban celebrated the birth of their first biological daughter, Sunday Rose, in 2008. The significance of her name reflected a transformative period in Kidman's life, turning Sundays from lonely days to cherished ones within her new family. “We went from dreading Sunday to really loving it. It was the day when nobody was going to bother you, you could stay in bed, you could do what you wanted to do. We just thought, What a great name for our baby,” Kidman stated as retrieved via Marie Claire. 


The couple faced fertility challenges once more, leading them to embrace surrogacy for their second daughter, Faith Margaret, born in 2010. Named as a testament to the couple's unwavering faith in expanding their family. 

Kidman remains steadfast in raising her daughters away from the pressures of social media and with a shared family commitment to attending church. Kidman, despite her challenges to get impregnated, raised a wholesome happy family with her prime focus on the well-being of her kids. 

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When did Nicole Kidman marry Keith Urban?
Nicole Kidman married Keith Urban on June 25, 2006.

What was Nicole Kidman's breakthrough role?
Kidman got her breakthrough role in Dead Calm which came out in 1989.

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