Who Is Nick Kroll? All About Actor Voicing 79 Characters In Netflix's Big Mouth

Nick Kroll is a multi-talented actor, comedian, writer, and producer in the industry. He created his Comedy Central show, The Kroll Show, showcasing comedic geniuses through memorable characters.

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Nick Kroll (Instagram)
Nick Kroll (PC: Instagram)

In the world of animated comedy, Nick Kroll stands out not just for his acting chops but for his voice talent too. Nick Kroll isn’t just an actor—he’s the voice behind a staggering 79 characters of Big Mouth. Big Mouth is Netflix’s popular animated series, which is co-created by Kroll himself. Apart from Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett are also the creators of Big Mouth.

This show isn’t your typical cartoon; it dives deep into the awkward, hilarious world of puberty. As Big Mouth gears to wrap up after eight seasons, Kroll’s work in this series is commendable. Let’s find out more about Nick Kroll—the one aiming for top honors at the Emmy Awards.

The man behind the characters

Nick Kroll has earned acclaim for his work on Big Mouth, where he doesn’t just voice characters but brings them to life too. On Big Mouth, he lends his voice to 79 characters. Yes, every character with its own distant personality and charm. Kroll’s adventure with Big Mouth started when he crafted its main character, Nick Birch.

He took inspiration from his own teenage years. Voicing Nick Birch lets Kroll mix humor with moments of feeling awkward. Characters like Nick and Maurythe hormone monster highlight Kroll’s comedic skill. His ability to switch between characters shows his versatility as a voice artist.


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Kroll’s journey from actor to voice artist

Kroll’s journey in entertainment began with acting, but it was his role in Big Mouth that launched him. While acting, he discovered a hidden talent for giving voice to characters that became his hallmark. He became his childhood friend Andrew Goldberg’s partner who launched him into the world of voice acting. And, their partnership led to an incredible series—Big Mouth.

As Big Mouth nears its conclusion after eight seasons, Kroll’s ability to voice these diverse roles has earned him widespread acclaim. Now he’s aiming for top honors at the Emmy Awards. It shows his dedication to all his characters and the impact on audiences.

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More about Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll is a multi-talented figure in the entertainment world. He is known as an actor, comedian, writer, and producer. Raised in New York City in a conservative Jewish family, Kroll developed a passion for comedy early on. While studying at Georgetown University, he majored in History and minored in Art and Spanish.


But it was the media studies that truly captivated him. Kroll’s career gained traction with roles in various comedy sketches and shows. He was there in Upright Citizens Brigade and Chappelle’s Show. Over the years, Kroll continued to refine his comedic style. He is even known as the best comic in Hollywood.

He even created his own Comedy Central show, The Kroll Show. This series showcased his comedic genius through memorable characters. There were characters like Fabrice and Bobby Bottleservice. In addition to his own projects, Kroll has been a part of hit shows like The League and has toured with stand-up comedy.

Looking ahead

As fans eagerly await the final season of Big Mouth, they reflect on Nick Kroll’s contribution to the series. The final season of Big Mouth is set to release on Netflix in 2024. You can stream all the previous seasons on Netflix as well.


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Who is Nick Kroll?
Nick Kroll is an actor, comedian, writer, and producer known for his work in shows like The Kroll Show and Big Mouth.

What is Nick Kroll famous for?
He is famous for his Comedy Central show The Kroll Show and for voicing 79 characters in Netflix's Big Mouth.

What characters does Nick Kroll voice in Big Mouth?
Nick Kroll voices 79 characters, including Nick Birch and Maury the hormone monster.

When will the final season of Big Mouth be released?
The final season of Big Mouth is set to release on Netflix in 2024.

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