Why is Beyoncé not doing interviews anymore? TikTok has the answer

Beyoncé is one of the most well-known personalities around the globe and has managed to stay mysterious. Tiktok users have been attempting to figure her out.

Published on Mar 24, 2023  |  10:15 PM IST |  1M
Beyonce (Source: Beyonce/ Instagram)
Beyonce (Source: Beyonce/ Instagram)

For over two decades, Beyoncé has been one of the biggest stars in the world, and she's managed to remain elusive and not do extensive press runs in recent years. But a new trend on TikTok is reminding us why - and why she doesn't need to. Before social media, interviews were the primary way fans could get a glimpse into a celebrity's life and learn their personality, work ethic, and other fun facts. But when technology advanced and social media platforms became popular, celebrities could engage directly with their fans, and those platforms became the primary way for them to reach their fanbase. That's why Beyoncé is one of the biggest celebrities in the world - and why she can be so elusive and not do extensive press runs in recent years. Thanks to her presence on social media, her fans can get a glimpse into her life and stay connected without needing her to do press runs.

People want to see more of Queen B

Social media has revolutionized the way artists tell their stories and present their perspectives to the world. Beyoncé is an example of an artist who has harnessed this power for her own gain, allowing her to separate her work from her personal life. Thanks to her savvy use of social media, fans only know about Beyoncé what she wants them to know - allowing her to protect her privacy. Since 2013, she has only done a handful of interviews, preferring to let her narrative be told through her social media channels. This is the perfect illustration of how artists can take control of their own story - something which was not so easily achievable before the rise of social media.


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TikTok users have gone wild with a new trend that's taken the platform by storm - the "Why Did Icon Stop Doing Interviews" challenge! With hilarious video clips of Icon's most memorable interview moments, users are having a blast trying to come up with their own theories as to why the "Cuff It" singer decided to stop doing interviews. So join in on the fun and submit your own theories - you never know, you could be the one to crack the case!



What makes Beyonce so special
Beyoncé doesn't only loom large in American culture just because of her hits. Although her musical accomplishments are staggering—at 28 GRAMMY wins, she holds the record for most GRAMMYs won by a woman—Beyoncé's ongoing commitment to uplifting and celebrating the Black community has become a key part of her legacy.

How many songs does Beyonce have?
Beyonce has 83 singles to her name.

What is Beyonce's longest song?
Virgo's Groove” is the longest song on Beyoncé's #RENAISSANCE with a run-time of 6 minutes and 8 seconds.

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