In Wonder: Camila Cabello’s side of the story, Shawn Mendes’ steamy shower scene & more; 10 things to expect

Shawn Mendes recently dropped his documentary In Wonder on Netflix! And before you tune in, make sure to scroll down and see what to expect from the much-hyped doc.
In Wonder: Camila Cabello’s side of the story, Shawn Mendes’ steamy shower scene & more; 10 things to expect
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Shawn Mendes has just dropped his documentary In Wonder on Netflix and there are so many things fans gonna want to love when they watch it! The documentary follows Shawn on his world tour and he opens up about his stardom, relationships, and musical future. Shawn’s popstar girlfriend Camila Cabello will be featured heavily in the doc and you’ll definitely want to see what she reveals. Shawn is also getting ready to drop his upcoming album Wonder, which will be released on December 4.  So before you decide to tune into Shawn’s intimate documentary, here’s what you can expect. 


1- First and foremost, the documentary gives you 75+ minutes of unprecedented access to Shawn including never-before-scene footage.

2- Camila shares her side of the story on how she and Shawn met and when they really hit it off.

3- You get a front seat show to Shawn’s 104-show tour, which grossed nearly USD 97 million.

4- Shawn takes you on a personal tour of his hometown house in Toronto, where he made all of those Vine videos that went viral.

5- You get to meet Shawn’s adorable sister Aailyah, who shares what Shawn thought about becoming famous before hitting it big himself.

6- Shawn gives us a peek of his Toronto apartment and takes us for a ride in his Tesla. The car even starts driving itself at one point!

7- Watching the emotional turmoil that Shawn goes through over cancelling one tour date is heartbreaking.

8- Shawn really delves into how not normal his life has become and how he really craves small-town mentality. “I love these [tour] performances. I’ve never had more fun in my life, but at the same time, I also just want to hang with my parents and watch movies, drive around a suburb, lay on a soccer field, smoke a joint and stare at the stars with my friends and eat some beef jerky. (Laughs) really small-town thoughts. I think I really miss that a little bit now. It’s pretty intense all the time.”

9- Shawn opens up the pages to his incredibly personal manifestation journal and shares the hopes and dreams he had and some they even come to fruition.

10- And lastly, you’ll get to rewatch THAT shower scene over and over again.

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