Wooga Squad: When BTS' V was jealous of Jungkook and nagged Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik to do THIS for him

It was last year when BTS member V had revealed in a tweet that he'd nagged his Wooga Squad brothers to send over a customised coffee and snack truck to him as a surprise gift because he was jealous of his bandmate Jungkook.

Updated on Aug 13, 2020 12:46 PM IST  |  12.4M
In June 2019, V received a surprise gift from Wooga Squad during BTS' fan meeting in Seoul.
In June 2019, V received a surprise gift from Wooga Squad during BTS' fan meeting in Seoul.
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Sending coffee and snack trucks between celebrity friends in Korea is quite a sweet tradition. It's a way of showing their support for their friend's work project to be successful while providing them with delicious snacks to devour. Moreover, these trucks are customised with photos of the celebrity along with a sweet message from the gifter which is often laced with humour, giving us a glimpse into the respective friendship. Hence, when BTS member Jungkook received a coffee and snack truck from his friend Yeo Jin-goo, V was definitely jealous of his bandmate!

To give you some context, we go back to April 2019, when Kookie sent over a coffee and snack truck to his '97 line member on the sets of Hotel del Luna. "From JG (Jeon Jung-kook) to JG (Yeo Jin-goo), coffee shop/pizza restaurant opens next door to Hotel Del Luna, one of the banners read while another one which featured Jungkook's face read, "From BTS’s Jungkook, Yeo Jin-goo’s friend," via Soompi. Moreover, there were customised stickers featuring Jin-goo's handsome face with the text, "I will cheer for Hotel Del Luna. From Jin-goo’s friend Jungkook." Jin-goo happily shared a photo of himself posing in front of the coffee and snack truck on Instagram.

In return, Jin-goo sent over a coffee and snack truck to Jungkook during BTS' fan meeting in Busan on June 16. The customised banner read as, "From JG (Jin-goo) to JG (Jungkook / Junggook). I’m cheering for BTS and The Golden Maknae Jungkook! From Yeo Jin-goo, Jungkook’s friend." The sticker featuring Jungkook's handsome face read as, "Have a cool day full of happy memories! - Jungkook’s friend Jin-goo," while phrases like "How attractive" and "How good looking" was also added. A happy Kookie tweeted pictures of himself next to the snack truck and wrote, "How did you know I like hot dogs? Thanks, I ate it well. #JGJG"

Taehyung was envious of Jungkook and nagged his Wooga Squad members about it! For the unversed, Wooga Squad comprises of V along with Itaewon Class star Park Seo-joon, Parasite star Choi Woo-shik, The Heirs star Park Hyung-sik and Walk singer Peakboy. The friendship struck when they starred in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth and since then, the boys have shared a deep friendship.

Keeping true to their word, Seo-joon, Woo-shik, Hyung-sik and Peakboy surprised their friend during BTS’s fan meeting in Seoul on June 22. The boys sent over a customised coffee and snack truck to TaeTae but also poked fun at their brother in the cutest of ways. "From your brothers," shared the Wooga Squad while a banner featuring a hilarious photo of V read as, "There’s no need to say a lot. We could’ve gone further but we held it in. I love you too." Taking to Twitter to share photos of himself posing in front of the coffee and snack truck, using hashtags, Taehyung quipped, "To be honest, I was jealous of Jungkook, so I nagged them to do it for me [laughter sounds]." We especially love the photo of the fivesome posing happily, which featured in the coffee and snack truck's main banner as well as the stickers attached to the coffee and snacks.

Check out Yeo Jin-goo's IG post and Jungkook and V's tweets about their customised coffee and snack truck gifts below:

Friendship at its finest! Where can we sign up to be a part of the Wooga Squad?!

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Meanwhile, V and Jungkook are extremely busy as BTS is currently gearing up for the release of their next single Dynamite which has upbeat vibes similar to their previous hit songs Mic Drop and Waste It On Me. While we have to wait till August 21 for the highly-awaited track to drop along with the first MV (there's also Dynamite MV [B-side] releasing on August 25), the promotion schedule for the same has already kickstarted.

A few days back, BTS unveiled the first set of Dynamite teaser photos as we got the first glimpse at the members' looks for the single. The retro vibes attached is getting ARMY extremely excited while the boys will be performing Dynamite at the 2020 VMAs. Interestingly, it will be the first time ever that the septet will be performing at the award ceremony. BTS has also been nominated for three VMAs including Best Pop, Best Choreography and Best K-Pop, all of which are for On, the lead single of Map of the Soul: 7.

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