Wrestlemania 36: Edge defeats Randy Orton in Last Man Standing match with tears streaming down his face

Updated on Apr 06, 2020 03:16 PM IST  |  1.8M
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Wrestlemania 36: Edge defeats Randy Orton in Last Man Standing match with tears streaming down his face

Edge brutally defeats Randy Orton in their Last Man Standing match at Wrestlemania 36 and it was an emotional moment for the 46-year-old wrestler, who recently made a comeback in the wrestling scene after a nine-year break. This was, hands down, one of the most heated matches of this year’s Wrestlemania event, and it was loaded with action from start to finish. This was Edge’s first singles match in nine years and he gave his fans everything they were expecting from the match. The match started with Randy, disguised as a cameraman, hitting edge with an RKO.

He then grabbed a camera and hit Edge with it, before choking him with a weight-lifting cable. While the match did start with Randy calling the shots, Edge quickly picked up speed. He hit Randy with a couple of kicks and powerful punches before Randy sent him sprawling into a wall. Edge further slammed Randy head off a steel door. Orton returned the favour by slamming Edge’s head into an LED board and then brutally dragged him backstage to through his head at a window.

Check out highlights from Edge vs. Randy Orton Last Man Standing match: 

Following some powerful blows by Randy, Edge again gained control of the match and threw a sandbag at Orton. He then climbed up a ladder and went for an elbow drop. The two WWE stars then made their way to the top of a pickup truck. Here Randy hit him with a spike DDT. Edge then clime on a bigger truck.

Here, Orton hit him with another RKO and then slammed him with a chair before the Rated R Superstar could make it back to his feet. However, Edge again took control of the fight and gave it an emotional end. With tears in his eyes, the wrestler hit Orton with a Con-Chair-To and won.

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