WWE Hell in a Cell Results 2019: WWE Universe furious over Seth Rollins vs The Fiend ending & chant AEW; Watch

Seth Rollins vs The Fiend was the highly-anticipated main event for Hell in a Cell 2019 but the vague disqualification led to a furious WWE Universe booing and chanting AEW well after the PPV ended. Watch the video below.
The Fiend defeated Seth Rollins via an extremely vague disqualification at Hell in a Cell 2019.The Fiend defeated Seth Rollins via an extremely vague disqualification at Hell in a Cell 2019.
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The WWE Universe, who paid their hard-earned money for Hell in a Cell 2019, were shocked and appalled by the ending of the highly-anticipated main event, which pitted Universal Champion Seth Rollins against the most 'over' character in the company right now; The Fiend aka Bray Wyatt. The entire arena was illuminated by red lighting to showcase just how vindictive The Fiend was on his pursuit to decimate The Beastslayer and capture the Universal Championship. The start of the match saw The Fiend no-sell all of Seth's moves, which included several stomps and the usage of a kendo stick.

Bray hit the champ with two vicious Sister Abigails, one over the cell, and even snapped his neck in a dangerous move. A mallet was added to the mix as Wyatt attacked Seth with it. However, a stomp to the mallet was Rollins' answer. Stomps and a pedigree was met with a kick out at one. It was intriguing to see that the supposed "face" in the match was getting booed out of the arena. Then, a chair came into the picture which was used on The Fiend. However, he still kicked out at one.

The challenger laid flat on the ring with a chair, ladder and a toolbox on his face. Going back to his Authority days, Seth grabbed Triple H's trademark weapon of destruction, a sledgehammer. Even after the referee pleaded with The Beastslayer to stop, Rollins instead blasted Bray, which led to an immediate disqualification. However, The Fiend recovered and applied The Mandible Claw as well as a Sister Abigail on the bloodied Seth to end the night.

But, the WWE Universe was extremely angry by the outcome and booed WWE while chanting AEW, the company's rival company. They were also seen demanding a refund for the foolish finish. Check out the video below.

One can only imagine the WWE Universe's reaction during this week's Monday Night RAW!

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What did you think of Seth Rollins vs. The Fiend's ending at Hell in a Cell 2019? Let us know your views in the comments section below.


AEW is million times better then wwe

Wwe please change the raw woman's champion stop giving her chance again and again and again

First episode of aew dynamite and it was awesome a lot better then hell in a cell

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