WWE News: Arn Anderson REVEALS why Seth Rollins needs to be more like his The Shield mate Jon Moxley in AEW

WWE legend Arn Anderson spoke candidly about The Shield and why Seth Rollins needs to be more inspired by Jon Moxley's showing at AEW. Read below to know more about what the 61-year-old wrestler had to share on the same.
Arn Anderson also praised Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins' ladder match at Money in the Bank 2015 for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
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In minimal time, The Shield became one of the most popular factions in WWE history, thanks to the trio who excelled individually as well. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were a well-oiled machine who reached the top and dominated WWE like we haven't seen in a long time. Eventually, the trio split to achieve individual success and reunited, much to the happiness of the WWE Universe. However, things turned bleak in 2019, when Dean Ambrose decided to not re-sign with the wrestling company and instead went to AEW, bringing back Jon Moxley.

Arn Anderson, WWE legend who now has a multi-year contract with AEW, spoke candidly about The Shield during ARN Podcast. "Each one brought something different. Roman was the steamroller, Ambrose you didn't know what to expect, and the one that was in there regulating everything was Seth," Arn shared, via Wrestling Inc. Moreover, Anderson stated that Seth needed to be more like what Jon currently is in AEW. "A talent like Seth Rollins, how many times has he been a babyface or a heel? There's a guy that's a diamond. Just polish him up, you don't need to try and change his chemical makeup. The Shield guys, you see how special Ambrose is being himself right now [in AEW]. When you got a racehorse, let him run," the 61-year-old wrestler reasoned.

Moreover, The Four Horsemen member was appreciative of Ambrose and Seth's ladder match at Money in the Bank 2015 for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship noting that the wrestling duo killed it with the intensity. Arn added that the two took everyone off their offensive moves and put them in places where they went which were true false finishes.

"The intensity was just incredible. It's one of those matches where if you watched it ten times in a row, you'd always learn something new. It was that good. It was a treat for the audience, it was a treat for the business and every guy out there who aspires to be the best worker they can be. They should watch this match and watch the story that's told," Anderson concluded.