WWE NEWS: Becky Lynch REVEALS funny reason why she would invite Vince McMahon to her & Seth Rollins' wedding

Becky Lynch was quizzed on whether Vince McMahon was going to get a wedding invite for her and Seth Rollins' wedding and The Man's hilarious reply is unmissable. Read below to know more.
Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch got engaged in August 2019.
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One of the hottest couples in WWE right now is Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. The pair, who started dating in the first half of 2019 fell head over heels for each other and are so serious that Seth even popped the question in August 2019 to which Becky readily agreed. It's been a few months since their romantic engagement as fans are left wondering as to when Brollins will finally get married! Given their busy schedule, especially with Wrestlemania 36 nearby, we could be looking at a date only after April 5, 2020.

When TMZ Sports asked The Man as to when the wedding date is set, Lynch quipped, "Stay tuned, 'The Man' doesn't give it all away." Furthermore, when asked about the wedding guests and if their boss Vince McMahon is getting a personal invite to their special day, the 33-year-old wrestler shared some interesting advice she got from Big Show. "I got good advice from the Big Show, he was like, 'Invite rich people because they get you good presents," the Raw Women's Champion revealed.



Celebrate love every chance you get. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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With a wedding comes the extravagant wedding gifts and confessing as to what she's expecting from the boss man, Becky joked to TMZ Sports, "Lots of money! Lots of money! Give us a few billions. I got my own, but I'd like some more."

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Meanwhile, during an appearance on WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin's show Straight Up Stone Cold, Lynch got candid about her relationship with Rollins sharing, "We like the same things so it's super easy. We're both mad into coffee, we're both mad into food, we're both mad into CrossFit. And then, it's just traveling with my best friend."

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