WWE News: Becky Lynch REVEALS she could destroy AEW's women's division as response to JR roasting Seth Rollins

Becky Lynch took a major dig at AEW, following the footsteps of her fiance Seth Rollins, as she tweeted that she could destroy the entire AEW's women's division. Check out The Man's tweet below.
Becky Lynch hit back at JR for his potshot at her fiance Seth Rollins.Becky Lynch hit back at JR for his potshot at her fiance Seth Rollins.
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Seth Rollins came under crossfire for his potshot at AEW, referring to the wrestling company as one of the "minor leagues." The topic arose when a fan asked about a dream Wrestlemania match between the Universal Champion and current AEW wrestler Kenny Omega. Taking offense to Seth's jab was Jim Ross, who formerly worked for WWE but is now a part of AEW. "But Rollins is in a great spot, he's blessed, maybe someday he'll be as over as his girlfriend, I don't know, but nonetheless, I've always liked his work," JR quipped on his podcast Grilling JR, referring to Rollins' fiancée Becky Lynch.

"He's a solid guy, he's a solid guy, but saying things like that make him look bad and for that, I feel bad for him. I just do," the WWE Hall of Famer added. As a response to Jim, Seth had tweeted, "Come hang out with me and my super over fiancée!" When a fan pointed out the 'obvious' reaction to JR, the commentator tweeted, "As he should. @BeckyLynchWWE is the most over talent in @WWE IMO. Just saying." While the RAW Women's Champion was flattered by Ross' comment, she couldn't help but take a jab at AEW.

Becky tweeted, "Nothing but respect, JR — you’re an amazing announcer! So go down to the locker room and announce that I would whoop your whole women’s division any day of the week and twice on Sundays."

Here's how AEW wrestlers Nyla Rose and Bea Priestly responded:

The gloves have officially come off!

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